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Update! Unsure of complete success!


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Ok so heat  has always been a big trigger for me....even in the winter if I go somewhere & their house or car is to hot oh big trigger for me....and we are at 100 according to my outside temp. Thermonitor....and its triggering a creeping shadow.....the crazy thing is is when I'm in a pf mode the things that trigger me dont trigger me i.e. alcohol, heat, perfumes...Should I worry? Too late I'm worried.....no shadow or ch since I took my med. 8:30 sun nite...no wait I had a slight shadow monday morning but it ended by noonish slept peaceful last 2 nites! I'm actually shadowing kip 2.....ugh..no... why.....Ok I can handle what ever comes....thanks for listening, nobody else around me really gets it!

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Well I know from your previous experience that it can take a few bustings to completely snuff a cycle that's already gained a foothold, but it sure would be simply lovely if your bust last sunday was all ya needed for a good long while!

I suppose if I were you, I'd be starting in on the contingency planning for a repeat detox/bust - just in case it becomes necessary.

Here's hoping these shadows fizzle out and you do actually find yourself completely scott free!

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