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1st time "Busting"

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I've been reading alot of info on this site and wow, really  and as far as medicines my docs have tried them all- I've even had teeth pulled- I'm sick of indomethacin-

Anyhoo, after reading here about "busting", I thought I would try it with MG seeds, as that is all I can get my hands on around here (Louisiana). Long story short, I was shocked, 2 days with a shadow here and there, no major attacks until right now.

I'm doing more research into diff. seeds and growing mushies. Without this site and the people, I would have NEVER known about "Busting" as a means to help.

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Hi Legion,

Without this site, and busting, I'd be dead right now, to be honest. So, I agree with you, fantastic resource (and really friendly helpful people).

I but a lot with seeds, and wrote a post on my method. I found it works really well. In the ClusterBusters File section, in the bottom half.


You may find it useful.

Hang in there, there is hope.


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