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Personality Disorder Traits Common Among Patients


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Oh great now we're cuckoo to boot.  :D

I thought this part was notable:

"The researchers said the findings could be a reflection of continued exposure to pain, as with chronic forms of headache, and of the risk of sudden, intense pain, as with headaches that are episodic. However, it may be more complicated than that, they acknowledged."

My answer to this...

"..our question is, ‘could the response be considered as a manifestation of existing psychological traits that may be at the origin of the primary headache?"

...is: I seriously doubt it.

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Ya know, I don't want to litter with my posts but reading this I can't help but respond.

Post Modified to not be misconstrued.

I have retired early due mainly to MDD, GAD and Fibromyalgia which sent me on a hunt for any and all info as to what might cause these and more importantly what might help. I have also been diagnosed with Schizoid personality type. I have noticed a common thread through all of these and through Cluster Headaches as well and that is a lack of or inability to process Serotonin. I have read much information on individual disorders and their relationship to serotonin but very few that have looked at serotonin deficiency and what all the effects that deficiency might produce.

I understand and agree this article is offensive in its insinuation, however; from all the searching I've done I'm not surprised to see that some are looking into the correlation of Cluster Headaches with other illnesses.

I apologize if my original post offended.

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