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Andrew Sewell


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Its with deep regret that I have to inform everyone here about the passing of Dr. Andrew Sewell.

I don't have a lot of details yet and will follow this up when I have more.

I will release more info as it becomes available. I have been told that he died during or following surgery due to complications.

Andrew was with us from the beginning with the early work with psilocybin at Harvard.

He also did a study with us with LSA that provided a wealth of data and information on the LSA seeds that many people now use for relief.

He was currently working on another study with us.

It was during that early work with Clusterbusters and psilocybin that many people became very close with Andrew. I know that many friendships remain and there are thousands of people getting relief today that Andrew was instrumental with his involvement.

Following Andrew's early involvement he remained committed to helping people with cluster headaches and even opened up a website to help.



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R.I.P. Andrew Sewell.

You were always there for all of us clusterheads in any capacity that was needed.  You died way too young, and you will be sorely missed.  Prayers of comfort going out to your friends and loved ones, especially your young wife.  I know of your suffering, and rejoice in the knowledge that you suffer no longer now.

With all my love and prayers,

Bob Bowling

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The first thing I ever saw about busting, before I found ClusterBusters, was Dr. Sewell's poster about the effectiveness of RC and HBWR.  I emailed him to ask for more information, and I probably contacted him ten more times over the course of a year asking for additional help, guidance, or information.  He always wrote back to me, always gave me his best shot about whatever I was asking about, always CARED.  I had so much respect and admiration for him. I feel like I have lost a friend -- and I know that everyone with CH has lost a friend, whether they knew him or not.  What a tragedy.  What a tragedy.


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So sad news.

R.I.P. Andrew Sewell.

But his work will live on. Last weekend I met several clusterheads who now have a better life quality and HOPE and via RC seed information most of their gratitude goes to Andrew Sewell. He has and will change lives, for the better.

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Do we know what the cause of death was?  MEN-1?  If there are any more details, please let us know.

For those of you who may have never met Andrew, I've uploaded a pic to go with the name (Andrew's the handsome one on the right).  This was taken at the First CB Conference in Chicago.



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They are still not sure of the cause of death. he made it through surgery. Awaiting autopsy results.

They are having an open house this Saturday, the 27th at his home and are planning a memorial at a later date.

I will get the info on the memorial and an address where people can send cards etc.

More info as it becomes available.  :(


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So sad to hear of the loss of someone so young and so dedicated to helping people with our condition.  My heart goes out his his loved ones!

My 15 year old daughter said to me once "What if that bright light at the end of the tunnel is just you being born into your new life?"  Hmm...food for thought, anyone?

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My friend Andrew hailed from around here.

Very much “the local boy done good”

Even more so “my local hero”

Andrew is part of what we have done here at Clusterbusters.

His contribution forms part of “who we are” and “what we do”

His achievements continue as we carry his work forward.

We will miss him.


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I think we should flood his poor wife with sympathy cards just to validate what her husband did for so many people. WE NEED TO TAKE A FEW MINUTES AND SPEND A DOLLAR ON A CARD.

Bob, please post an address when you can. I will certainly send a card and thank her for what her husband did for countless sufferers  :'(



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Thank you Kyle.

I agree Dan.

Yes that is the correct address (above) to send cards.

Short notice as these things always are but, they are having a Celebration of Life get together at the above address on Saturday, 7-27-2013. It starts at 2 PM.

FYI, he was married in 2011 and his wife's name is Nikki.

They are looking for any pictures that people may have that they will be putting into a video for display.

I will be sending what we have from the years of conference appearances and pictures with attendees. People he helped along the way.

If anyone has any pictures they would like me to send along, send them to me in email so I can pass them along.


They will be holding more formal services at a later date to be determined and will be help in Ridgefield CT. I will pass that info along when it's available.


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In Memoriam

The cluster headache community, along with his family, friends and all the other communities he touched, was deeply saddened to learn of Andrew SewellÂ’s passing.

   As people age, they often begin to wonder about what type of legacy they will leave. Andrew may not have spent much time wondering due to his young age, however he would be, and his family should be, proud of his legacy within the cluster headache community. He may have been aware of the positive impact he had upon so many individuals he helped personally. He may not have been aware of the life changing affect he had upon tens of thousands of cluster headache sufferers around the world.

   His early work with us and MAPS while at Harvard, with cluster patients and the use of psychedelics as a breakthrough in treatments, lead Andrew to meet with them and understand the significance the condition had upon them. As it relates to this community, his legacy not only includes impacting the lives of those who suffer, but also their families. A positive change for so many that will become generational in nature.

   Following his introduction to this community nearly a dozen years ago, Andrew dedicated a great deal of his time to helping as many people as he was able to reach. Personally helping all that contacted him, building a website to bring information and support to those afflicted, and continuing to advance these treatments through research and education. Andrew knew that this isn’t always the easiest research path, nonetheless he never stopped working for people that suffer from this disabling condition.  He was the lead investigator on a new study that is currently underway with Clusterbusters.

  Andrew became aware of these treatments helping in not only eliminating this dreadful physical pain, but also helping heal the emotional damage that chronic pain such as this causes.

  When a doctor ends a patient’s pain and also heals their psychological damage, he is certainly appreciated and revered. When a doctor is an integral part of doing this for tens of thousands of people, with more to follow even after his passing, he leaves a community incredibly appreciative, stunned, saddened and mourning the loss of a great advocate and friend.

Bob Wold

Andrew at some of our conferences







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