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al-lad or lsz


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I have used both of these compounds for their psychedelic properties, I do not suffer from CH so I can't comment on that. However they are both very similar in action to LSD. Both are 'lighter' than LSD on the mind, AL-LAD more so than LSZ. AL-LAD is generally very easy on the body, even at high doses. LSZ on the other hand can cause mild GI issues for some people and hyperthermia when taken in excess (>1mg). Neither are as potent as LSD, 150mcg of AL-LAD is roughly equal to 100mcg of LSD. LSZ is only slightly more potent than AL-LAD.

It should also be noted that there are 3 possible stereoisomers of the azetidine ring in LSZ, the isomer on the RC market at the moment is the more potent hallucinogen, the (S,S)-(+) isomer.

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Hi All,

I've been creeping around here since january, but have never posted until for a couple of reasons.  the biggest being the 200mg of topirimate my neuro had me on daily that turned me into a useless almost drolling bag of bones. (I am down to 100mg daily at the moment) But it was also because I spent this time tyring to get my hands on some of these substances such as Lucy or Vit M that were so common during my teen years and apparently have dissapeared in my area.   

Without getting too long winded, I'll share that I have had migraines since childhood but never really knew it and they went away during my teen years and only reared their ugly heads 4 and a half years ago.  things were relatively manageable until about 18 months ago they began making daily appearances and haven't had a day below a 5 in that time.  I managed life through handfuls of analgesics and percocets until the docs made me stop :)  That's when thigns got real serious.  It's not so much that perc's would stop the pain, but I could stop caring about for a while. 

Anyway that being said I've recently did some testing with AL-Lad, the first being 75ug the day I recieved it while my wife went christmas shopping and my son was at school and I was at about a 9, I figured I would see if I could abort and at teh same time get a feel for the substance.  IT did not abort.  (but niether has any abortive I've ever been prescribed, the best are my nasal sprays and that will only take off a point or 2 at best).

9 days later I took a 375ug dose and had a wonderful time watching the wall and the doors... this was this past friday... I have not had a spike, or shadow since.  I've actaully had some real pain free time although I mostly still have some mild tension headaches because admittedly I am in not as great a physical shape as I was before this all started and carry a lot of the load from teh migraines in my shoulders and neck.  So this is 3 days so far, which I was hesitant to share but am too excited to wait.  the fact that a couple of advil could bring to completely PF versus handfuls jsut to take off the edge is pretty exciting. 

I ordered 3 hits of both Al-Lad and 3 of LSZ.  The next 2 fridays are earmarked for trips of 225ug of LSZ sort of following the busting methodology of multiple busts. 

I don't understand the chemistry enough to know if these RC's should even work or if this simply a placebo affect, or luck.  Although being sensitive to barometric pressure, this is the worse time of year for me, as winter and snow come.  I will up date you as I finish the next 2 doses and see if I get any true relief... 

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3 days so far

That's awesome in my book, MG75, and I can't say I'm surprised at all since busting seems to be particularly effective for migraines (just based on what I've seen people report here).

there are 3 possible stereoisomers of the azetidine ring in LSZ

Well DUH, obviously there are those 3 setreoisomers.....HA, OK I haven't a clue about this, but you are one well researched and well informed contributor, Libertas, really glad you're here and discussing this stuff.  [smiley=thumbup.gif] 8-)

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