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Very wrenching indeed - I could hardly make it through the whole article.

I'm debating whether it's even appropriate to bring this up at this point, but part of me wonders if the outcome might have been different if the younger brother had been well informed regarding busting. Not that it should've been the older brother's responsibility to do that research for him. I figure we should all do a certain amount of our own research if we're able to (and if nobody else - like a spouse or parent - is volunteering to do it for us).

Complicating matters for those in the UK who go to OUCH UK for information is the suppression of busting info there......

"he was on a complex regime of medication that he was finding difficult to manage properly. He wasn't working. He was getting very thin. He and his girlfriend split up, perhaps his last anchor outside of my mum to a routine life. He was falling into debt."

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