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Unfortunately, the ads are here to stay.   They help offset the cost for the hosting of the Message Board (goes to the host, not CB) and are basically built into the YABB boards system.  We have no means to control the content of the ads, google does all that. 



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Jeff makes a fabulous point.

On my blog I have advertising which goes through my YouTube videos. It helps generate revenue. One of the ads shows a hospital doing brain surgery above a photo of me after brain surgery....LOL, Makes me laugh...

If I remove my ads. I wont make $. Its only taken me 4 years, 200,000 views to generate $103 revenue which I plan on using to donate to CH anyway.

I am on car forum sites aswell. Its the same thing...everywhere.....just ignore it. Excellent point and I agree.

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I concur with you guys.  The disconnect between businesses scrambling for dollars and the members of organizations searching for insight, relief and possible cures for "really crappy medical conditions" is all to apparent.

Internet advertising has invaded every possible source that you can pull up on a computer and is unfortunately here to stay.  It just sux!

In fact, I think lousy Internet ads are another trigger for me. >:(

CHS says it best ..... "Just ignore it".  Most others disregard it too.


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Well, as a CH sufferer they are at most, a joke. They make me laugh (however ironically). I do see how they might persuade someone who doesn't know this condition to wonder... or even newbies to question...

Advertising sucks anyway you look at it... a necessary evil?

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I use the Firefox browser, and the Adblock addon for Firefox, therefore I see not the ads and banners you're talking about, nor do I most of any other ads, even at the start of YouTube videos.

go adfree with Firefox.

Had to visit CB with Chrome to see what you were talking about... Now that I do, I agree that ways should be sought to exit this Google ad program and keep CB free of any ads...

but I only get the Paypal ads, because since I don't use Chrome for google searches, Google doesn't know me (on Chrome)... I visited Paypal though a couple hours ago so that's why it's linking me with Paypal.

The Google ad program will only pay CB for the clicks on the ads. Else than miscliks, I don't see many possible clicks in a year with so few members and action on the site, so I see no reason to keep it, since it probably generates very, very little earnings.

Apparently, Yahoo Search doesn't track your searches, and I've been trying this new search tool who promises not to track and seems reliable: DuckDuck Go.

Certainly most searches I do on Google is tracked and analysed and scrutinized... by Google, for the commercial purpose of linking me with sites who sell what I need (Google knows that by scrutininzing us if using Chrome (Google's browser) or if using Google Search with any other browser). Google certainly knows me better than I can possibly know myself LOL... but he's a nice Big Brother, he gets me my info for free and links me to the best deals of what he knows I need  :P

If the how do you call it the DEA wants to get info, they probably just need to search for it, there is not much to do about it. But Google probes us ALL THE TIME and keep the information and analyse it... The Friendly Big Brother might be more dangerous than any DEA or federal anything

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Like purple I use the Firefox browser with adblock addon and it works great.

I keep my use of google at a minimum, the search engine I prefer is www.startpage.com, they do not store any information about their users.

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I propose we put up adds for dog and cat food! Everyone knows all clusterheads have one or the other. Now train your dog to bark (click the add) everytime we log in and they will think they have hit a gold mine $$$$$$$ coming our way! And the adds for migraine??? What kind of dogs do they think we are anyway?

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