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George Strombolopolous and Lisa Kudrow Tonight 11p


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George is interviewing Lisa Kudrow (Pheobe from FRIENDS).

George like me is a Canadian.

WHich some of you may not know is that Lisas dad and brother is a nuerologist and specialise in Cluster Headacaches. Lisa also studied Cluster Headaches.

She worked for her dads practice,now run by her brother for 8 years. If anyone in Hollywood knows CH....its Lisa. If anyone respects CH its Lisa.

Tonights interview is different where apparently they will be discussing before and her early career and her possible career choice prior to acting.

I recently wrote Lisa Kudrow a letter and mailed it a few weeks ago. I have not heard anything as of yet. I asked her to support/help me contact CNN in doing a report on me and CH. I am confident if she actually reads it that she will atleast acknoledge it but like many famous,it may be dismissed as fan mail or discarded by someone else. I hope not. I have also written to Gene Simmons.And Jay Leno(whom I have met, toured his garage and had private meeting with on the Tonigth Show).Gene is a huge silent supporter with many diseases and charitites.I saw Kiss a couple weeks ago here at home, tried giving a letter to his roadie. He accepted it but never heard nothing so I mailed one to Genes home.(drove past when I was there meeting Jay) and have not heard from Jay. Jay is the largest cancer donated on the western seaboard. Most don't know. He donates MILLIONS annually. Jay does alot for charities. In the letters I explain I only ask for acknowledgement and a call to CNN. Sometimes a more famous voice is better than a no bodys like mine...

Also in addition I recently wrote to a news anchor Peter Mansbridge. He is basically Canadas Anderson Cooper,Peter Jennings.He works for CBC. He lives close to my house. about 30 min away. Anyway, he emailed me back. He basically said. He never opens mail that isnt a bill as it gets screened at CBC first and he did and will be personally handing my story to CBC for them to review it,they will review it, determine if its newsworthy and if intrested will contact me. No guarantees but a step in positive direction.

Within 20 minutes I recieved an email from a young movie maker in Toronto. He has seen my videos, read my blog and wants to do a documentary/movie on me. Said it would take months to a year to complete but because of distance may use me as a advisor but interview me. He said he wanted not just to capture my disease but how I choose to live my life by being proactive and helping others vs suicide etc.I told him I would think about it because I advised him my chances of being on CBC and sometimes TV wants exclusive rights and I didnt want to screw things up but I said I would hep him either way.

Then last night I was tweeting and I have Dr.Sanjay Guptas account on mine and his producer,writer was online taking questions....I sent her my link to my blog and she read it and replied...said she would continue to read it...and like eveyone else wished me well and hope i get relief.

This sudden noteriety with my continued efforts are finally paying off. I hope to make it on the news to discuss what we and our families live with on a daily basis.

I may have a better chance than some because of the 4 brain surgeries I have had. Whether they internview me or someone else...it dont matter...it needs awareness.

I hope tonights show with Lisa, that she will mention CH.

Ill keep ya posted if anything arises with my efforts and TV.

read Lisa's biography under early life


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Hello Survivor,

After 4 operations have you achieved pain relief?  I am 37 years old and live in Georgia,  had these headaches off and on since I was about 20.  My cycles last anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks at a time.  These CH have stolen a lot from me and I just wonder if there is an operation that will stop this pain. Best Wishes to you and of course pain free days.

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