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What do you use to grind up the seeds?


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I've never had a problem turning them into a pretty fine powder using a mortar and pestle.  Takes some work.  In her advice in the CB Files section, MoxieGirl suggests doing it in batches of ten or so.

If you're asking what you can do right now . . . you can put them in baggies (multiple layers) and use a small hammer or mallet on them.  I try to do that slowly and somewhat gently to avoid creating heat.  The powder won't be as fine, but it can be fine enough (I guess you could add a few more if you think you're losing LSA because the powder isn't fine enough).  Some people use an electric coffee grinder, and insist that it works fine for them.  For me, that would be a last resort (because of the heat), and I'd do it with very short pulses, spaced some time apart.   

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