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A Brief Comparative Analysis of Novel Lysergamides


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I have had the opportunity to try three novel lysergamides over the past few months and although I do not suffer from CH I hope that what I have written below will be of use to those that do suffer. All the compounds listed below are legal in the UK and many other countries, two of which are currently available on the RC market.

AL-LAD (6-allyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide)

This compound was originally synthesised by David Nichols in the mid 80s and made popular by Shulgin in his book TiHKAL. Up until now I don't think it has been available on the psychedelic scene, at least not widely.

Nichols' orginial research paper suggests that this compound is 2-3 times more potent than LSD, in humans at least, this is not the case. Most reports indicate that it is slightly less potent than LSD, I find 150mcg is about equal to 100mcg of LSD. AL-LAD is generally much 'lighter' than LSD on the mind, it is more euphoric and much more forgiving. It doesn't have as deep an intospective quilty as LSD, which can sometime lead to difficult experiences, this could be beneficial for CH suffers looking to use psychedelics with no prior experience with them. The duration of AL-LAD is also noteably shorter than LSD, for me it lasts only 4-5 hours, however most people find it last around 6-7 hours. The body load is very mild, even more so than with LSD. High doses have been taken with no notable effect on the body.

LSZ (d-lysergic acid 2,4-dimethylazetidide)

This compound is a rigid analogue of LSD, the diethylmine moiety has been constrained into an azetidine ring. Again this compound was discovered by Nichols and up until now there have been very few human assays. There are three possible stereoisomers of the dimethylazetdidie group, the (S,S)-(+) isomer is the more potent halluginogen and this is the one that is currently on the RC market.

Nichols' paper suggests this compound is more potent than LSD, I have found it not to be the case. Perhaps it is as potent but I think it's a little less potent if anything. The effects of LSZ are very similar to LSD, it could still be considered a little more forgiving than LSD but it certainly has an introspective quality. The duration is around 8-10 hours, a little less than LSD. Some people report mild GI issues with it and there have been a couple of caes of hyperthermia with large doses (>1mg). The receptor affinities are very similar to LSD so this compound could work well as an alternative.

LSM-775 (d-lysergic acid morpholide)

I believe this was first synthesied by Hofmann, there are only a few research papers discussing it, all of which are very contradictory. One states it is a tenth the potency of LSD while another suggests a third greater dose is required. Personally I found it to be almost inactive as a psychedelic, I tried doses from 100mcg to 1mg, as did other people and there was only a mild ergoloid feeling at doses greater than 300mcg. I beleive this compound could be the most beneficial to CH suffers due to the lack of psychedelic activity, unfortunately I haven't been able to find any data relating to 5-HT receptor affinities but of course one would expect them to follow the same lysergamide pattern.

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Ooh super interesting stuff Libertas - to think these are currently legal in the UK (!!).

AL-LAD and LSM-775 sure got my attention, especially this bit about LSM-775:

I beleive this compound could be the most beneficial to CH suffers due to the lack of psychedelic activity
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Ooh super interesting stuff Libertas - to think these are currently legal in the UK (!!)

Seriously...I had no idea this was true.  Makes me think of an overseas adventure for a clusterbuster adventure!

Thanks Liberta's!  People with your kind of info are truly needed on here.


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Yes the LSM-775 could be very promising, I just wouldn't know how one would go about orchestrating a study to find it's true potential. 

That sort of thing does prove to be very difficult and expensive when trying to do larger scale trials to get a drug approved, with BOL-148 being a major case in point. This Bromo-LSD has been shown in small trials to be much more effective than the already very powerful regular old LSD for CH.

Doses an order of magnitude higher can be administered, due to it's non-hallucinogenic nature. Nobody here has ever reported being able to actually get their hands on some for private use though as far as I know. I guess there'd be no reason for it to be on the RC market since there is no high associated with it.....

In fact, I think any MINUTE now the latest updates on the so far frustrating attempts to get BOL-148 FDA approved are being delivered at the CB conference, which is underway this weekend in Chicago. The many million$ required for funding have been a real obstacle.

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