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Re: Bol148 good or bad news?

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John did present an update at the meeting. He was been working hard for a long time, getting industry to follow through.

There was good news, he had at least 2 companies, including one very large one very interested. I cannot give you specifics but it has to happen this year! I do not mean to speak for John but we all got a chance to hear the update. There is good reason for optimism now and all going to plan there will be big news before the end of the year. All going to plan that is!

BostonHeadacheDoc  ;)

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until Aleve gel liquid capsules came to Canada. I made a monthly drive to Michigan....to get them

They really halep me for very mild attacks with a can of coke.

I am the last person to ever recommend anything to anyone...but that helps me for the slightest of attacks.

If BOL 145 or whatever they call it....comes by a script. Im first in line in Canada

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