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How much Fresh Argentine Cubensis needed for CH


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Hello This is a re post i had posted already on another forum. And these CH are really really bad now. I have  a friend in Colorado that can get some of those mushroom mentioned and i'll be going their as soon as i get the info on how much i need to stop this current attack even tho this cycle has been going on for the past 3+ months but just recently it's much much worse. Please let em know in how many grams of fresh mushrooms are needed thanks Austin

Hello You All

The past few nights have been a absolute hell on me with these CH. The night before last i had to call EMS because after the one i get every night after i go to bed was so bad that i couldn't breath and the center of my chest felt like a dull pain with pressure it hard to explain but i also felt as tho i was going to pass out.

And my BP was high and  i didn't want to take a shot because of how it was and it was already to late also into it.

So by the time tey came which was fast considering that i live way out in the country. The CH had subsided and they took my vitals and they were still  a little high and i had explained it. So i went to the ER and they did blood test and my white blood cell count was elevated. I had read that a high WBC is from pain and since there's no wounds it just goes thru out your body. But do you think that is the cause of the chest pain and breathing issues. And do any of you have the same issue with WBC being high. If so what have you done for it because i had also read that it's a risk for heart disease.

Also i had thought that that night was bad but last night was even worse. I had almost fallen. and as i was sitting it was like i was moving but i wasn't my mouth was a tingling numb feeling and dry even if i had just drank water it would become dry is that normal. I didn't even bother checking my BP because the monitor doesn't work now during a bad CH. But it works just fine any other time that i use it. It just comes up with error message.

So back to the other night the EKG came back normal and that's good. The had also given me Oxygen and i think that prevented the 2nd attack that i normally get after that 1st one upon going to sleep & i think if i had the oxygen last night the 2nd one would never of come either and that was the really really bad one that almost caused me to pass out. And the Dr said it was more than likely a Panic attack which is also good because it's really not a life threatening issue. I know i need to ask a Dr this but can a panic attack cause you to pass out and create those chest symptoms and dry mouth and the room spinning feeling. I have another appointment on Thur so i'll check on that. But after last night i think i may find a friend in town to stay with.

I had thought that these were over with a few good nights last week is a very false sense of security. They had never been like this before i mean the breathing issues and the chest feeling and the weird blood pressure. Last year and the year before were really bad much worse that the prior years and it now seems like that each year they continue to get worse. I have been getting these for the past 23 years have any of you all out their had them this long and if so did yours get worse as you get older. I can't imagine how they will be next year and their after if they do increase. I had gone to the point to go see a therapist next month to see if she can find me some help in getting a Doctor to help with these before the next cycle.

My current family Doctor is good but he's general practitioner and has treated me well over the past 10 years and also he's my Son's Dr to. I know i need a neurologist specialist but i need to find one that knows these cluster headaches in this area I'm in Kansas.

Also if you have any of the issues that i had mentioned above such as the elevated white blood cells. Reply to this message so we can try to find a common factor between us and then perhaps with that information it could help in finding a reasonable coping mechanism when they come.

If you know of one please email me or message me at Austin@kscannons.com

Thanks Again you all and have a CH free Day Austin

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can a panic attack cause you to pass out and create those chest symptoms and dry mouth and the room spinning feeling

Yep, youbetcha, so I wouldn't be surprised if the doc's diagnosis there is right on. Heck if anything could bring on ye olde panic attack, I would think it would be the CH ordeal you were experiencing!  :o

I have been getting these for the past 23 years have any of you all out their had them this long and if so did yours get worse as you get older.

Well I and some others who've had 'em for 30+ years have noticed increased severity, plus longer lasting attacks and cycles, but some of us have been lucky enough to have also benefitted from longer remissions. This can become a moot point when the busting is preventing entire cycles (plus even those who haven't yet gone into full remission via their busting efforts tend to report lessened severity).  :) 8-)

i think if i had the oxygen last night the 2nd one would never of come either and that was the really really bad one that almost caused me to pass out.

Sounds like you just wrote yerself a prescription for an O2 rig at home, and toot sweet!  8-) (whether it be thru a doctor, or welding O2 without prescription).

..how many grams of fresh mushrooms are needed......

Regarding Argentine dosage: Let's let some more knowledgeable headbanger(s) around here answer that one definitively. I think, but am not positive, I've heard it said that the strain, whether it be Agentine or whatever doesn't make that much difference, in which case 1.5g to 2g powder dry per busting session could be your ticket. Someone in high cycle as you are now often needs to do multiple busts 5 days apart to completely extinguish our pesky McBeast O'Buddy.

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Hi Bejeeber.

Thanks I think i may have tonight ready because i got some o2  :) . I really hope so because I'm really tired and hungry I can't eat anything when i get the cycle and already lost 15 lbs in the past 3+ months not good when you 6'1" and only 180 in the first place and have to work all day.

And i think the reason why i only got 1 the night before last was because i was on O2 in the ER.

I had O2 before but after 2 weeks it stops and i pray to God it will work tonight because last night was literately HELL [smiley=evil.gif]

And you commented that the people that have gotten these for a long period of time say that the cycle also gets longer and i must agree with that also because mine use to only last like 3 months and before 3 years ago only 2 1/2 month s maybe longer This cycle is lasting over 3 close to 4.

I can only imagine what will happen next year. But I'm going to be diligent in this mushroom busting i don't care if i have to drive 500 mile to get them i will BEAT THEM.  8-)

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What is your oxygen set-up like... as in how many liters per minute, and what type of mask. If you have done your research then sorry for asking... but you will definately improve your results if you have a demand valve system or one of these...


For use with a mask, the regulator should put out at least 15lpm, 25lpm preferred.

As for the mushrooms... they are about 90% water, so 1.5 grams dried is equal to 15 grams fresh.

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Well i had some luck with the growing but had done 1 oz and nothing the ch still occurred i had read that you need to be off off your meds for 5 days thats tough to do when the bad ones come but what about doing them when the cycle is over i hope mine is been 2 days PF and just did 12 grams fresh. and should get maybe 3 oz in a few days and some taz in a few weeks along with some cam to. So what to do take them while the cycle is over Austin 

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i had read that you need to be off off your meds for 5 days thats tough to do when the bad ones come 

Just referring to my earlier question about your O2 set-up, sorry for the misunderstanding.

It sounds like it is working :D

The usual recommendation is 3 busts, 5 days apart. Some require more to end the cycle.

If you have predictable cycles, you can do preventative busting just before the cycle usually starts.

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I think many can provide concurrance that over the years of having CH it often gets worse.  Mine as an example got worse almost incimentally each year (have had CH for 26 years). 

Before I started the halucinogen treatments, I had flipped from being in cycle more time each year than being out of cycle.  As I recall I had about 2 months PF time between the end of one cycle and the start of the next.  I now only preventative dose and I've been pain free for the vast majority of the last 3 years.  :)

Good luck on your busting.  I'm confident it will help you significantly!!


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Hello That Hurts my Head

I have noticed that unfortunately and i only have to make 1 more year and then i really don't care any more. Not saying i'd do anything stupid but my son is in 11 grade at 15 and i hope he gets into collage and i have been trying busting but to no success i had done 3 oz of fresh in 2 days and nothing a little weird. I have no built up tolerance so to speak of if you count occasional binges back in the 80's. And i have 38 grams of fresh that I'm drying to see if that works better. It suppose to be a good strain cub arg but I'm sill having bad attacks and I'm really sick of it after this cycle that has lasted a little over 6 months i have O2 and that was working but last night it didn't and i had to do a shot so WTF

Should i do the 38 at ounce don't know i have been good since i joined the service back in 86 got out in 91 and thats when they started and i still think it's from the Anthrax Vaccine i got in boot champ that was experimental  but now at the point to try anything thanks for the info Austin

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