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That is incredibly sick about Chris Hanna's facebook site.

I went off in an obscure topic here about spineless, cowering OUCH UK's refusal to support a UK study on BOL-148 (by the UK's most prominent researcher in the field) because "it's illegal" (which it probably isn't). I thought that was about the most despicably gutless and shameful display I've witnessed in CH-ville.

In the starkest of contrast, there's the Texan individual who risked it all on not just national, but international TV to discuss and demonstrate what works (mushrooms) for so many of us, despite the fact that he could be promptly arrested and incarcerated for doing so. That daring act and powerful Nat Geo segment continues to lead untold but definitely large numbers of CH'ers around the globe to some potent relief they wouldn't have known of otherwise.

Now here's the Hanna facebook site luring in CH'ers in crisis, then going all out to make sure they don't get accurate, potentially life saving answers to their questions about busting. Is it delusion, extreme sadism, pitiful cowardice, pathetic willful ignorance, or all of the above that's behind that atrocity of a facebook site?

The world's gone CUCKOO  :D.

Is this the same pariah facebook site that has actually banned our Bob Wold and Kaboom?

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OMG....as a non Buster, but BOL supporter ( I know,hypicritical isin't it), we are or should be here all for the same reason.....to support one another.

I have blogged and explained my reasoning why i dont.

But I am the first to support you guys in your journey

And who the F*CK am I to tell another perosn how to live and treat themselves? I am not. No one has the right to tell me how to live my life, nor do I.

People, its about supporting eachother in many ways. Its about uniting as a whole because ONLY us, and us only truy understand this affliction we carry.

Its the cross on your back. Its the end of our lives as we live with this day in and day out.

Some have to shoot preverbial dirreah out of there mouth and think they know how another should live.

No one has the right to tell me what to do with my body nor do I have the right to say what another should try and use.

This infuriates me.

I praise HIPSHOT for doing the show. He is a man of courage and admiration in my books.

This perosn should let sleeping dogs lie...

my 2 cents.

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I deleted my post. Shallow people talk about people.

Intelligent people discuss ideas.

I'm sure he read it, that's why I placed it where it would be viewable by the public.

Now on to positive thoughts, and like potter said.

"He ain't worth the rent in your head! Go fishing instead!"

Thanks Potter

Much love to all


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The Facebook thing is insane. Without naming names, the only explanation in my mind that would even remotely explain that horrible behaviour is that someone is either directly getting a paycheck from Pharma or there is indirect financial involvement somehow. Like Jesse Ventura says, "follow the money", otherwise it would just be too twisted.

It's really sad that when these people would be able to help other cluster headache patients, they are actually doing the vice versa but it is camouflaged as support which makes them pretty dangerous in my books. We'll just have to keep doing what we do.

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  I remain on his fb group as a means to keep a watchful eye out for individuals that might need to get directed to some meaningful advice.  Keeping a low profile there.  His carnies have come at me a couple times now.  With full on complaints to FB about me.  Which is absolutely hilarious to me.  Hugs to every person looking to make meaningful contribution to our cause and/or just genuinely supporting fellow ch'ers.  <3

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You guys have hit the nail on the head.  And for those of you not on FB, I'll put the rest of the story out there.  I was a member of his group.  I copied and pasted a thread from this message board about the availability of oxygen at the Chicago conference onto his FB group and it got deleted.  I didn't notice that it was deleted right away though.  Actually, I didn't notice it was deleted until a few days later when I copied and pasted another post from this site to his FB group.  It was a long post from Bob W. explaining some of the things that go on at the conference.  This time Chris deleted it right away and I realized it.  So I sent him a private message about it. 

We exchanged quite a few pm's over the next hour about how he doesn't support Clusterbusters, about how CB hasn't funded anything since 2005 (huh?) and about how how he doesn't want ANYTHING CB related on his facebook page.  In order to keep the conversation going, I just added fuel to the fire and let him ramble on.  Then I made screen shots of the entire conversation and posted them for the whole world to see.  The dude flipped out on me and started the name calling.  It was very obvious that he was trying to keep his feelings about the Clusterbusters out of the public eye because he knew he was going to lose a big chunk of his minions if his REAL views came to be public knowledge.  I have NO PROBLEMS with someone not supporting CB.  Just don't pretend like you do in public, but then say otherwise in private.  I care about this disease and everyone affected by it.  I cared too much to keep my mouth shut about Chris and his antics.

He has a God complex or something.  His goal is to be Bob Wold.  We all know that can't happen, but in his little mind, he is well on his way.  He purposely deleted anything and everything that had to do with the Chicago conference.  He tried to steer people away from going.  He wants the CH community to follow him.  He wants to gain financially from the sick and suicidal.  So sad.

So anyways, I "unfriended" him on Facebook after the name calling affair.  But I remained a member of his group, just for the reasons that Vicky stated above.  I never posted anything else in his group, but I remained a member.  Then came Chicago.  One of the best experiences in my life.  Right up there with the birth of my child.  3 days after Chicago I got a message from "Jenny" saying that she was deleted from the group, and so was Valerie, and so was I.  Supposedly, Chris got a bug up his butt and thought that we were "stealing" his members??  what the hell??

The dude is certifiable.  No doubt.  There  is a screw or 4 loose up there.  Now I am hearing that he is in line for a $25,000 "grant" of some sorts????  I assume that this is a private donation, and not coming from some government or higher education institution.  I'll bet that's gonna fund the Chris Hanna vacation fund and not CH.  Oh well, the world is full of them. I just prefer to stay away from his kind.

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Thanks for saying that Jeebers. I've missed your wit and wisdom.

And you other guys, thanks for having my back.

If I had been arrested I knew you guys would at the very least, sneak me some smokes  ;D

Your buddy and cluster-brother


I think you would have had more than a few people doing whatever we could to help you out. 

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So this thread struck my curiosity and I searched for the cluster headache group that's run by a Chris, but am unable to find it.  What facebook page are we talking about?  (PM it to me please ;)

What I did find was over a dozen Cluster Headache support facebook pages, that appear to have CB people all over them.. ha ha...  I might have missed the memo changing our facebook pictures to include the cute CB picture frame.  How's that get created?  It does look pretty awesome to open a page and see all these "CB" pictures all over them. :)

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The CB Badge in Facebook profile picture was a great idea ! And yes, it's very neat to see the support all over. Here are some the good CH groups in Facebook

Cluster Headaches 2700+ members


Cluster Headache Avoison Society 700+ members


Cluster Headache Support 300+ members


Clusterheads 300+ members


Cluster Headache - Natural Treatments 200+ members (two language group)


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The Chris Hanna group is the "cluster headache support group" 


The profile pictures with the CB logo stems from the Dr. Phil show promo.

For those of you who do not know the story, one of our own, Jenny McClarren contacted the Dr. Phil show months ago and just received a call back from them.  It is looking very promising that we may have a episode on CH in the making.  To help our own cause, we all changed our profile pictures to the CB logo and posted Jenny's awareness video.

The video can be viewed here:

If anyone is on facebook, and would like to have a CB logo profile pic made, please pm me and I will make it happen for you.

Also, I can be found on facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/kiki.kammeyer

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I just re-read your posts.

I commend you for taking a stand and for being a great cluster brother.

I'd paddle the river with you any day!

Follow the money and the love of power...

A wolf in sheeps skin.

I hope you get to Texas soon.


Thanks brother.  I'll be there ASAP!!!

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