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RC Seed Retailers/Suppliers...pls help


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I went to Shamans Garden where I have always bought my RC seeds and they have none. I read on their site that many sites like theres have been shut down recently due to some MasterCard investigation??? Anyway I start looking for other places to buy and found none. wtf?? where are you guys getting your RC seeds?

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www.tranceplants.net is pretty popular here.  I see that ktbotanicals is also closed (and iamsham still is not carrying seeds).  www.psychoactiveherbs.com seems to have them.

If you order from tranceplants, note that they are in Canada, and shipping can take longer than you'd expect -- even a couple of weeks.  If you're in a hurry, you might consider their overnight shipping. (I don't think that their in-between option, "international air" or something like that, saves much time.)  I don't know where psychoactiveherbs is shipping from. 

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ok, it looks like the first seed vendor that actually understands and focuses on the timeframe it takes the LSA to degrade in their seeds!!!

My next order will definitely be with these guys (once their season comes in (Feb?))..


Below is copy / paste from their website description of their FRESH HBWR.  Please see what I've bolded:

"These Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds are grown organically from seeds we acquired direct from Madagascar. From planting to harvesting we take great care with our (home grown) HBWS so to assure they are TOP quality and VERY active. During the harvesting season from ??? to??? We will be offering these VERY special high quality Very FRESH Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds on a per order basis. During the harvesting season we will only ship seeds that have been harvested fresh from no longer then two months from the time you make your order, guarantying your receive the freshest Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds available!

We guarantee these seeds are true Argyreia nervosa the more potent of the two HBWS available and because they are fresh when shipped, more potent and will cause less nausea then HBWS that others supply that may have been sitting around for a year or more before being shipped to you. In the past reports of nausea have been said to be from the out "fluff" of the seed and this is not true, also reports of little effects were witnessed. Both of these claims are due to the fact the most Agyreia nervosa supplied are older stock, psychoactive components of the seeds deteriorate after a period of approx. ten months to one year, however the nauseating components do NOT deteriorate during this period leaving a much lower quality seed by the time the customer has received them. The potency in HBWS drops by approx. 50% every four months after harvesting so for this reason we have decided to offer FRESHLY harvested Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds."

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