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Has anyone skipped a cycle for no reason ?


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SO here we are mid october.  while my son is sneezing and sneezing  (me too) ,, no sign of a CH on the horizon ???? what has he been doing differently ??? eating about 3 bags a week of sunflower seeds  (lol) .. really i dont know what to think ??  will it come later ?  do they just change times of year ?

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oh .. thought i'd add, I dont know if its just late in comming ,, or if something in all these sunflower seeds is helping ? 

Nutrients in

Sunflower Seeds

0.25 cup (35.00 grams)

Nutrient%Daily Value

vitamin E  61.5%

vitamin B  134.6%

manganese  34%

copper  31.5%

tryptophan  31.2%

magnesium  28.4%

selenium  26.5%

vitamin B6  23.5%

phosphorus  23.1%

folate  19.8%

Calories (204)11%

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One thing I can tell you is this, the scenario below is extremely common, as reported by countless longtime CH'ers (such as myself):

"Just when you think you have your CH behavior/cycles all figured out and predictable, they'll change like you never expected".

Glad that it's a good behavior change so far for your son. Understood why you'd be on guard and in a high state of readiness right now though.

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How old is your son?  I have had episodic CH since I was 16, and I am now 33.  I remember in my younger days I would often skip my fall cycle all together.  Not sure why?? However, in my late 20's the cycles became much more consistent with both a fall and spring one.  I sometimes will still have the fall cycle start early or late, but the spring one is like clockwork.  That probably doesn't answer your question, but I would say it is absolutely normal to skip a cycle especially if he is younger.  Hope it doesn't start for him this fall and if there is any chance it is the sunflower seeds tell him to eat more!!!

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no hes not on preventative because when i described his cycles and symptoms to Dr. Kudrow he said that he was a-typical (?) .. and didnt follow the normal CH pattern (if there is one).

my son will be 21 nov 12th.   a little nervous cuz he has a consult for wisdom teeth removal on thurs. but from what i have heard that doesnt mean much so im trying not to be nervous,, just hoping that when he gets them out it doesnt trigger anything   :(

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