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Re: Imigran injections for free!


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Indeed Jan had the ONS surgery :)

@alleyoop, I keep reading the story's of all members here on the site. Jan has been lucky the surgery is a great succes, however, the CH is not cured, we are very aware of that but as long as the device helps, we're enjoying the PF time he has and hope it will be a long long time :)

@CHS, sure you can ask a fellow survivor in Sweden if he or she wants the injections, just let me know if they're needed!


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Thank you so much for the offer and he was in tears for the offer but kindly declined. He has really bad side affects and uses a nasal spray. He had 4 DBS operations and a ton of complications and is chronic like me.

He sent his sincerest gratitude and heartfelt wishes.

I would take them but I am in Canada and the post office does not allow mailing of medications.

I hope a survivor there can certainly use them.

Very very very kind of you to offer. Here in Canada they are $140 at Shoppers drug store and I get them at Costco for $108 canadian dollars. So whoever is getting them is going to save alot of money.

again kind regards.

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