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Melatonin a trigger for some??

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In another thread,

A number of things that he recommends are triggers for me, only a couple examples are hops, theanine, melatonin and valerian.
  During her last cycle, it seemed like melatonin was also a trigger for my daughter (not an issue when she's out of cycle).  I'm wondering -- since we often recommend melatonin as a possible preventive -- whether anyone else has the sense that melatonin is or might be a trigger for them?

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I should give a little detail on my experiences with Melatonin...If I took melatonin in the middle of the day I do not think it would give me a cluster.  I actually think it is something about taking melatonin right before trying to sleep that gives me the cluster.  There are a number of drugs that do this to me.  Cannabis, Melatonin, and Ketamine are just a couple examples.  Ketamine is one of the best examples--It works to get rid of my cluster during the day, but if I take it too close to bed time it GIVES me a cluster?  Cannabis I can smoke during the day but the same comes for night time--sure fire way of setting off a cluster.  Not all meds are this way for me, their are a number of things I can take that do not set me off...Recently I read this article on sleep- 


And it gave further evidence to my ideas of what is going on.  I think I am having trouble detoxifying my body and certain drugs make it even harder.  My bet is that this would be one more trigger of my clusters, not an actual root cause.  If I had to take a complete guess it would be that a body that is not detoxying to the right degree ends up with higher nitric oxide levels, and that will trigger a cluster.

One idea that I have thought of recently is mapping out all the substances that it seems like I can not take before sleep and the ones that I can.  Then go through and look for a common denominator, like "this is metabolized mostly by your liver" or "This is metabolized by your kidney's"

More info all the time....


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I have found, substances that make me drowsy, are a triggah. That includes melatonin. I would say also in my mind melatonin is a more of a sleep aid than a prevent...thats my expierence. Again ,as always, responses are very individual it seems.

Good question chfather.


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