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Deer Antler Velvet

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I know this is totally random, but has anyone ever tried deer antler velvet for CH?  I was reading a webmd article on it and saw it has been used to treat migraines.  Since CH is usually ignored in articles like these, I did not expect it to be listed.  Anyone ever taken it?  Notice any difference?


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If no one else has given this a shot, I may make myself a guinea pig.  I've dealt with back problems for a long time, and I was considering giving deer antler velvet a shot to help with the healing process.  I have no idea if it will work for either condition, but I'm willing to give it a shot.  I'll report back if I notice any difference.

If any of you have ever tried it for CH or anything else, please let me know.

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Just an update to anyone wondering.  Results are inconclusive.  I did find this stuff gave me a little energy boost, which was nice.  There are just too many variables for me to say whether it helped with CH.  I've been using every source available to get me through my bad time of year, and I happen to be doing pretty damn well.  Bottom line, if you're looking to just give some other natural substance a shot, I can at least report it didn't make anything worse and it either did nothing or contributed to my calmest cycle in years.

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240 Verap 2 times per day, rc once, fungus 6 times since November.

Also do the D3 regimen and take Melatonin nightly.

This is why there are far too many variables for me to say the deer antler velvet helped or not.  All I can say definitively is that it did not hurt and it was among the things I tried - some combination of which is working extremely well.

This is the site I ordered from:  http://www.tonictinctures.com/deerantlervelvet.html

I have absolutely no affiliation with them, and I know this stuff can be ordered from a ton of places and can even be found in local health stores/vitamin shops.  However, I used this stuff and liked it.  I like things that show a tangible result.  It tingles under the tongue, and you get a nice boost of energy within a few minutes.  It also increases libido, and I found it to be a mood elevator.  All of those things can be conducive, in my opinion, to helping stave off cluster attacks. 

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