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Emerg! Please help!Medication RELPAX with MM??


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My Sweetheart gets chronic, really bad CH and we NEED to do the MM right away as the Clusters are getting so bad due to weather (overcast) we've been in the Emerg already this week and might be heading back again!!

He had to take a Relpax today, but we had planned to do the MM tomorrow...what will the interactions be? We cant wait anymore, and he's not getting a break from the CH at all to clear out the meds for 5 days.. HELP!! :'(

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Hello Shya, welcome to Clusterbusters

Tony Only gave you the most important info relevant for your Sweetheart.

jkandola's thread is full of the most important infos and steps

Unfortunately, the "magic" is not an instant solution 

I have to wonder what kind of care your Sweetheart has received at the ER. Oxygen? Did they know cluster headaches? Relpax, is that a pill? (if so, that's no use)

personnally, as is the case of many people on this board (but not all), I have absolutely no confidence in any meds that are prescribed for CH, except oxygen. But that implies to be dealing with the beast, detox, 5 days wait between busts, slapbacks, missed busts, etc., but anyways I was also dealing with the beast very much even with the nasty meds so... the adverse effects of these meds is... are horrible.

Really and clearly, cafeine has major aborting virtues, oxygen works (I also use ice), and the testimonies on this board show that LSA, LSD and psilocybin (MM) also work, and in our opinion works better...

But the magic is not instant remedy, but it is sometimes

as I said in jkandola's thread, there are testimonies here of very severe chronic clusterheads being cured by busting. But that may take a while. But it's certainly better than the nasty meds that only worsen things in the long term. Well, that's my opinion anyways.

Please feel free to flood us with any particular questions you may have, I'm sure you will get many answers most if not all the time.

Supporters of clusterheads like you are highly respected around here

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I busted when I was chronic in 2010 with MM and got over 3,5 years 100% PF life (a miracle in my mind). Now I am in cycle but getting different results so like Purple said it's always "work in progress". But now I myself know that in my case long stretch of PF is doable so that is what I aim and try to improve my methods. And yes, Liquorice Root can be of great help but your sweetheart needs to stay away from relpax for 5 days before that as well. Wishing you guys all the best.

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Shya and your Sweetheart,

Big hugs.

I wish I could offer more, but it looks like you've gotten a lot of good advice already.

I take Relpax and Zomig for my migraines occasionally, and always wait the 5 days before I bust. It can mess up my busting cycle, but if you don't, the bust is a waste of shrooms. Some people get by with a 4 day gap, but most say 5 to be sure the triptans are out of one's system.

Is your Sweetheart chronic or episodic? Episodics tend to quicker results from what I've read.

Wishing you both success.


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