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I have not had an attack in 16 months and counting...My doc gave me bromocriptine no problem to use as a preventative I thought it would be difficult to get as people on clusterbusters seem to have a problem getting it... it is basically LSD without the hallucinations...I am going to dose for the first time with bromo and HOPE this is the answer and never get another attack...if u have a problem getting bromocriptine., but want to try it i will tell you how i got it perscribed!!!!!! HOPE FREINDS!!!!

I saw a post on clusterbusters about a guy who claimed to be cured from cluster after being diagnosed and treated for prolactinoma or a pituitary adenoma... a small brain tumar that secretes prolactin and other hormones i had to look into it....the treatment for prolactinoma is BROMOCRIPTINE a derivative of LSD extremely close in chemical structure ..COINCIDENCE??? cluster headache has been a documented SYMPTOM of prolactinoma ....I talked to my family doc he agreed that it is a possibility...i then told him how effective lsd and shrooms have been for other sufferers and that i would like to try bromocriptine and said OK lets try it!!!!!! there was also a report that documents an ALARMING rate of suicide present with prolactinoma sufferers....Coincidence?????????..

To clear things up i have not been cured YET the 16 months painfree is due to prolonged cycles....im overdue for another 4 months of HELL....so im really hoping this works ill keep yall posted... i still cant get an MRI..but i got me some bromo...wishing pain free days for all!!!!!!

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Bromo is good stuff, didn't know you could just get it by asking for it. Which country are you in may I ask?

There have been some pretty promising trials going on with Bromo, and a lot of us have a lot of hope that Bromo will develop into the standard drug used by doctors everywhere for treating clusters.


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It may be worth noting at this point that bromocriptine is not 2-Bromo-LSD (BOL-148), which we've discussed so much here and wished for, and which I believe is the bromo you were referring to, MG.

Bromocriptine is another one of the LSD derivatives, just as ergotamine, methysergide, etc. are.

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