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I'll try to keep this short. After 7 years, the beast is back; I was a regular here for a long time (Psyloscribe- that's you, Bob, ain't it? Lost yer ph#). Last 2 cycles I killed with HBWR: one in mid-cycle, the last one never really got cranked up. Thought I was home-free; guess not. Anyway, this started 2 wks ago, I've dosed 3 times but the cycle still seems to be progressing - had a KIP 7 or 8 awhile ago. So: bad batch of seeds (I do get a buzz)? Dose daily as opposed to 3 days between? Increase dose? Sure don't want to go back to conventional meds (don't work) unless something new has appeared; I've been out the loop. Any help wld be appreciated.

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I'm guessing more refinement of what, when, how much and how have transpired since you've been on the board.  Might want to graze over to the CB files on the main site (menu on the left of this page).

Standard now is dosing 5 days apart as it's been found dosing too close together seems to significantly reduce the effectiveness of the chemicals.  Lots of people have had reduced effectiveness with seeds (RC) as compared to HBWR and Fungus.

Sorry to hear you're hitting KIP 8's, hoping you can get it knocked back soon.


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Thanks for the reply. I guess my main concern is, the 2 times HBWR saved the day I never got a screamer after the initial dose - the cycle started receding immediately; the hits I got were all under k-4, and all symptoms were gone within 2 wks. I never used more than 6 seeds if memory serves.

I was planning on dosing again tonight as I feel pretty sure I'm gonna get hit again and not thrilled about waiting 5 days, but if that's what it takes, I'll defer to "proper" protocol.

Question: can you prep your dose and then stash it in the 'fridge til needed, or will it reduce the effectiveness? Any opinions? PFDAN everyone -


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Hey G,

Sorry to hear that you are suffering.

Bear with me here, I to have been going through a major learning curve to busting the beast(SOB). If your seeds are strong enough "you'll know" with a shot of 6 seeds. I will refer to a method I use, with highlights from posts written here on the site.

Five day wait period before you shot at the Beast, seems to be a must. Plenty of posts referring to how your receptors work with the effects.

Float test, I use a shot glass filled with water. Place (3) seeds in the water, if they drop to the bottom there good. Floaters are duds... Three "Good" seeds should be fine for a dose. I will explain the next steps in a moment, but first I like to describe the effects you'll "possibly" feel. Everyone is different, I personally don't like the effects of the seeds. They do help compared to conventional though. I do mine at night, than head off to bed to sleep as suggested here on the forum. To me if I wake up in the night its hard to get back to sleep. I know I'm feeling a buzz, but its the skin itch that bothers me. Feels like a bunch of spiders crawling your skin...itch hear itch there & so on...I recite the Lords Prayer in my head over and over till I fall back to sleep. Day after dosing I'm running on a light tequila feeling hangover. Day after that, you could hook me up to the plow the back 40...

After Float test, I place the dried seeds in a small cup. A mortar & pestle would be great for crushing the seeds, but I just squeeze the little buggers with a pair of clean pliers. I use Lemon Juice, fill the small cup with about 3 tablespoons. Try to tip the cup at an angle to adjust sludge all soaking to one side. Place aluminum foil over the cup(still keeping it tilted to one side) then place it in the fridge propped on the one side. I'll start this concoction first thing in the morning and let it soak all day. I don't look forward to doing the stuff so Wife will remind me when it starts getting close to bed time, for there is one more step before downing the nasty...

An hour or so before downing, I set up a glass with a coffee filter over the edge. Use a rubber band to keep it from falling in. It will take some time to drip down in. Add a little touch of water will make it drip faster. Drinking the sludge definitely rips my stomach, and I don't experience any deference in a buzz or reaction so the heck with that...

I'm only copying suggestions I've read here on the site. We are all different to some extent fighting this SOB. I hope it works for you. I'm very severe chronic & have been for many years, HB's only stunn my problem and has made it much better. VitM seems to work much more efficient at kicking its A..ss. Hopefully it will do the trick for you, Better yet I will keep you in my Prayers it will do you well and PF....

Again Thanks to all for "paying it forward", and you know who you are in teaching and Major Support.

Blessings and PFW

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ruff, your method works for you, and I confess that my only experiences trying to prepare HBWR ended in frustration.  But I'm pretty confident that you don't want to be consuming the husks in any way, including soaking them.

Here's what TommyD writes over in the ClusterBuster Files section:

>>HBWR have an outer hull that contains some unfriendly chemicals. The idea is to pick the softer inner parts out of the tougher, outer hull. Dump the hulls. Soak the inner parts for an hour in water.<<  https://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1290128974

Note that he says to soak the insides in water for about an hour.  Testing has shown that an hour in water extracts (hydrolizes) practically all of the LSA in the seeds.  Your longer soak time and different soaking substance (lemon juice) might result in a stronger concoction--some people think so. 

So after snipping the seeds open (another task I found very frustrating), you can scrape out the insides and just soak them.  It might even be that your nighttime symptoms would be eliminated if you're not soaking the husks, too. 

For the shorter soak, even if it's a couple of hours, the refrigeration and the aluminum foil are not necessary -- room temperature is fine.

Enough people here have had good results with RC seeds that I prefer them -- they're so much easier to prepare.  But some people make good arguments for HBWR over seeds, too.

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I think the seed concoction get's pretty nasty if kept longer than 24 hours in water.  It's been noted, that there isn't any benefit to soaking longer than 2 hours. 

I can say that instead of water, if you use PGA (Pure Grain Alcohol).  Something like 190+ proof.  You can in fact store the solution for very long periods without degradation of the chemicals.  ie.  Soak in the alcohol for 2+ hours, strain, and store only the extracted liquid.  Putting in a 50ml shot bottle in the freezer is how I did it once upon a time.  Drawback:  If you're in cycle, alcohol might be a no-no for you.  I was fine doing preventative doses this way, though it's some pretty vile stuff mixed with PGA.

In the long term fungus is much better (Than HBWR), both in efficacy and stomach discomfort.



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Thanks to all for the replies - although I'd love to hear from BobW - and I do remember TommyD from years ago,

OK - we're all different, aren't we? I have no problem dosing with HBWR - enjoy it actually - whereas shrooms are a different story. Ruff, you may be somewhat allergic to it and that's what causes the itching - I don't have that at all. As for shrooms, the taste (bleahhhh) , the anxiety period, whether the rest of the time will be pleasant or really really not pleasant, is my complaint. I went for too much the first time (2g) and almost lost it, but even at 1/2g I didn't like it, and neither did my stomach. Also, my wife and I are raising our 10-yr old granddaughter and I can see myself explaining a shroom farm - yeah right.

Now here's another thing - I have just been crushing 5 or 6 seeds and dumping the whole mess into the soak jar for 2 hrs, straining out the hulls and gulping it down. I think, based on this info, I will go back to scraping the insides. It's a pain, but we know all about that, don't we?

I had a K6 awhile ago, the usual 40 minutes. Last 2 times beastie boy came around I used HBWR and had no more than a K4 afterwards and 3 or 4 doses killed that bad boy completely. I don't know why this time is different but I'm staying with the plan, next dose Sunday. Thanks, guys.

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