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does anyone else have a neurologist who thinks CH is caused by smoking cigarettes?...he says to me ...u want the government to pay for your oxygen after u smoke all your life>>>>>>>>>grrrrrrrrrrrrrr....he told me i dont need an mri either im a clusterhead and that was that...  from a HEADACHE specialist wtf

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OMG. What a horrible experience! >:( The one I see says to quit, of course. But does not blame smoking for CH.

Smoke is rolling out of my ears canuck! Yes, an MRI can be very important to rule out other, deadly stuff. He is an arrogant ass. I know that you are in Canada, but can you get a different doc without waiting a year? This is unbelievable!!!!!! :'(

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He is an arrogant ass

I find that statement to be 100% accurate. This is shocking from an actual headache specialist.

Hate it when that deadly combo of arrogance and ignorance is encountered in a doctor who must've somehow just squeaked by with a C- in med school.  >:(

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