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Imitrex as a one-night preventative

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I know many will frown on this idea, but I'm sorta desperate here...

My busting attempts this episode have been partially effective. I'm 2 months into my cycle and busted 5 times already (combo vitamins m&rc).

I thought I was out of the woods for a few glorious PF days and then the beast came back this week hitting me the last 3 nights.  My cycle this time round has been exclusively night attacks.

While the busting has reduced the severity, I'm still getting headaches triggered by a drink at night (if I decided to have one) and again after falling asleep (REM attack).

My wife planned a trip for us away tomorrow and we plan to be out enjoying drinks.

Has anyone ever tried using Imitrex pills as a preventative?  If so, any advice on what worked or how much to take?

We are going to comedy club and I would obviously dread getting a beast visit to ruin it.

Imitrex is all I have to bring with me and I haven't used it in over 6 years since finding this site and typically using vitamin RC to abort each episode since.

Thanks for your input & thoughts on the matter -

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Hi SOS, I sent a PM to you about imitrex pills, etc. before I saw there was this message board topic here, so what the heck, I'll go ahead and post the pills part here too for public consumption:

- there's that trick that some CH'ers report where if you're expecting an attack at a certain time of night you take the ordinarily too slow acting imitrex pill one hour before, and it can prevent it from happening.....works especially well for those who are routinely hit about one hour after going to sleep.

Also, I believe some have experimented with crushing pills or something to get them to work faster, maybe someone will chime in about that sorta thing.

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Hey SOS,

I have found when using sprays, they seem to hold back a visit approximately 2.5 hours...where as a 50mg pill can push back a visit by up to 5 hours. Everyone's body deals with the bastard differently, so keep this in mind.  I have no experience with adding in Alcohol, I would inclined to feel that gambling with this devil when its harness is a worry some bet. Also if the Comedian's material is good you'll be raising blood pressure cracking up, which intern can be rolling the dice while entertaining a good Buzz. I do Hope you & Wife, have an "Awesome time". Good gosh we CHer's always need a Good Laugh..May You be Blessed with such a Hardy Laugh you blast the SoB out a nostril!!

Just a warmup for you:


Blessings, PFW

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Jeebs - thanks as always dude! - I think I'm going to pop 50mg worth around 10 pm and hope for the best, based on both responses. 

rufftime - It's going to be nuts as we're hitting 2 clubs from 8 - 12.   Dave Attell is in that lineup as the most famous name. 

Here's one back atcha - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwPg2oarG_c

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SOS...hope that worked out for you.  Wish I would have seen your note last week - I have done exactly what you described on numerous occasions in the middle of a cycle of predominantly night time (REM) attacks to buy a night of freedom for a special occasion or something just like you described - only difference being I take a 100mg pill around 10:00pm or so rather than 50mg...has worked pretty much every time to buy that one night - too bad we can't just take the darn things like a daily vitamin (for reasons I'll assume you know) !

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