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Red Blotches


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Hi Panel,

I have a question for all. Do Red Blotches appear around or between your eyes while your in a cycle?

  They look like deep scratches below the skin, and I've noticed them the last few cycles I've had.

Wondering if this is something other or more serious then just the CH.

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I don't think I've noticed anything like that with my attacks.  I can tell you my hair follicles hurt like @#$%# during, and for an hour or so after a K10.  Don't think I even see straight enough to know what my face looks like.  :(  I could imagine skin irritation would be a side effect of the attacks.



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Thanks Jeff I don't notice them while under attack and 90% of my attacks are at night but I see them periodically in the mornings during a cycle. They are so prevalent people at work think I've been attacked. Sometimes just one side sometimes both. Might ask the PM, as usual I think about this a week after my last visit.

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