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Question about kinds of mushrooms


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Hello everyone,

I have suffered for several years from chronic CH and migraine, and after guidance that I received here, I'll try again O2.

However, just in case, if the O2 will not help, I also want to try mushrooms afterwards, because nothing else has helped me.

I read here in the archives, but could not reach a conclusion about the type of mushroom preferred or "best fit". Since that I have the opportunity to purchase, And even which type that I want,  (an opportunity that may not come again), I want to know what kind of mushroom should I buy.

Lots and lots of thanks :)   ;)

Sorry about the English. Is not my original language :)  :-?

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Any "magic" mushroom should work that has the chemical psilocybin in it.  Specifically the strains of Psilocybe cubensis are the most common.  To my knowledge the 'other' type of magic mushroom "Fly Agaric does not work as it contains a completely different active chemical.  Flay Agaric are what most art work uses to portray magic mushrooms they are usually red with white spots.  I'd stay away from any of those.


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if the O2 will not help, I also want to try mushrooms afterwards, because nothing else has helped me.

Hi timmyy,

Since the O2 and the mushrooms serve different, but complementary purposes (the O2 is for aborting impending attacks, while the mushrooms are for preventing attacks altogether), a lot of us have successfully employed them both in a dual pronged strategy.

They can make a great combo.  8-)

The best case scenario involves using O2 for aborting attacks while detoxing from meds, then not even needing O2 anymore after mushrooms have sent the CH into remission. Remission, sweet remission is of course what we're hoping for you.  :)

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timmyy, a simple answer to your question is: magic mushrooms (we often call it MM on this board, or vitamin M).

The kind of mushrooms that contain psilocibin. They are illegal. You can grow them. There are many different strains of MM; the most common is psilobensis cubensis (or Cube); another frequent strain is Psilobensis Mexicana, but the strain doesn't matter at all, all strains of MM contain psilocibin.

(truffles also contain psilocibin, but less than MM)

About the blue...

If you look closely the dried MM, you will see sort of blue veins on the stem and/or cap. It is believed the magic lies in those blue veins but... not sure if that's right or not...

anyhow, if you see blue veins, it's a very good sign. You have MM and a possible cure in hand  :)

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I read a few yrs ago about the research with LSD & mushrooms and how many had good results. Been suffering with CH for 30 yrs. tried all the meds with NO results. Imitrex injections were the only thing that worked, but hated the feeling. As a former "character" of the 70's I knew about both. Read a article that had a recipe for mushrooms. made a batch and was ha free for 2 yrs. then all hell broke loose again. made another batch and went almost 2 yrs again. now they're back with a vengeance. mine come from cow dung shrooms-10 boiled in a cup of water-steep and enjoy sending those ha's back to hell

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