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For those of you that have followed along through my nephew Jacob's long illness, I am sorry to report that he had a heart attack last night and passed away.

Since his bone marrow transplant in 2009 he has been a very sick little boy. Throughout his struggles there have been many people here that have been supportive to him and his family, including me.

Thank you all very much for that support as it has meant so much to me and the family.

I could say a lot more and I will but at this point it's all just incredibly sad.



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Very Sorry to hear of the loss, precious young Man. We'll keep Him & the Family in our Prayers. I will be meeting in a Men's Bible group tonight and will plan on a group Prayer for Jacob, his Brother and Sister and Specially for the Parents. As Always Bob, you are kept in Prayer.

Luke 22:43

And then there appeared to Him an Angel from Heaven, Strengthen Him

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I saw your balloon pic on Facebook and didn't know anything about Jacob.

Now I do, so very sorry for you and his family.

Nothing I can say will help, but if I could say anything at all that might help, I wish I could come up with the words to take the pain away.

My deep condolences Bob


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