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Research on new tryptamine option

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Oh bugger! Been clear now since November since my MM and meo 1 month alternating. Have a tiny amount left and didn't restock! I knew legislation was coming - such a fool. Just have to hope an alternative crops up in the next year I suppose.

Meant to come back on here and say a BIG thankyou to LT2.

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I'm new and looking for a source. Just sent a few emails to some China RC companies.

I am in the USA. Has anyone checked out Matrix Scientific?

i think firstly tell us about your headaches and what youvr been doing to stop them

if not go forth and multiply

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Longtime coming...THANK YOU Lt2!  ;D ;D

I've been maintenance busting with dalt since September (last cycle was June '14). 20-35mg(my scale only does 100th of a gram), every 2-3 months. Practically zero shadows from then to now.

Having a BAD, lingering shadow 12 days ago, I've busted with dalt twice. Both times, drastically lowering or eliminating the shadow for days.

I've never had a "bad trip," (even when taking around 40-50mg once).

Mine is NOT bright white, off white, very fine, like flour, and once I've put it in the capsule it sticks together and turns into one 'solid' object. VERY bitter :o.

Time to re-up, very sad to hear of UK law change.

This stuff, assuming mine is dalt, has been amazing for me. I assume testing kits for other stuff wouldn't include dalt? Sure would be nice.

:)Much love, PF Wishes all!! :)


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11 months into the worst chronic episode in 21 years suffering, and all syhcidelicic substances have failed me badly! 

5 meo dmt ,massive doses of shrooms, lsd, nn dmt ,.

Nothing is flushing it out and worse off all it hasn't given me any respite in a year at kip 10, also flaring back up after an incomplete steroid program! .

I'm in desperate straits here guys, I can't believe how I've lost this coatof armour, I have stuck to the regime and also given it big breaks in between dosing. 

I'm all out of options !

My doctor is saying surgery so I'm in a rush to solve this on all fronts before they want to start playing with my brain! 

Does anyone know of anyone else in my situation and if so any advice would be greatlyappreciated! 


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