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Telluride Mushroom Festival

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Anyone here attending the 2014 Telluride Mushroom Fest?

Ever been?

They will have a track about the medicinal properties of 'shrooms.

Someone from John Hopkins will be speaking about the clinical trials with MMs. for cancer patients with depression, etc.

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Hi; yes there is a website, also Facebook page. Sorry I'm not technically able to supply links. This will be the 33rd annual Fest; it's a big deal in mushroom circles.

Really, it's just alot of mushroom fun! Also, it is ALL about mushrooms, and I understand very medicinal mushroom friendly. I've never been, always wanted to.But of course, I don't travel so well because, for one thing, i'm scared of the Beast hitting on me. Ain't that stupid?

There must be at least one Clusterhead who's attended.:-)

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