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I'm surprised this isn't a sticky post somewhere on this forum.  I think it would be cool to have a place where we could share art that we have created or come across that in some way relates to CH.  I'll start with two of my favorites.

Prodigy - Breathe

Gennaro Episcopo - The Cluster Queen

I think I hear her whisper

I pause and pray

I'm just mistaken

I try to relax

But I swear I hear her

Maybe if I ignore her she'll go away

She laughs

The sound echoes violently in my head

There's no denying it now

She's here to play

She begins her dance

Moving slowly but with great power

The ground trembles with each step

Maybe if she stays this pace I can keep up

She laughs

It thunders within

I grab hold

She picks up the pace

Bouncing off the walls

Smashing everything

I ask why

The question seems to anger her

She pulls out her blades




I moan like a child

A tear escapes the corner of my eye

I sit up and begin to rock

Back and forth

Back and forth

Perhaps to keep pace

Perhaps to shake her out

She laughs

Lightening strikes

It branches off and divides within

Piercing its path throughout my mind


And again

I beg

Leave me


She laughs

Cymbals crash

Her devlish orchestra joins in as she begins her final dance

Bouncing and Smashing and Crushing and Stabbing

She moves so fast she seems to be everywhere at once

The walls begin to crumble

The demons continue to play their instruments with increased fervor

Building to a final, terrible, dissonant crescendo

I fall to my knees

Then curl into a ball

I am nothing

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