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2014 Convention- Auction/Raffle Donations

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Hello everyone. The convention is a month away and we are in need of donations for our raffle and auctions. If you would like to donate please send the items to:

Denise Loveland- Bowe

277 Fergus Rd

LaVergne TN 37086

We will get them to the hotel on the 18th.

I believe we may be getting another address to send them to in the near future.

Thank you all for helping to support clusterbusters!


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It went well from what I heard I was passed out during the main auction but Day 2 I won some art work called Circle of CH friends and an unreleased book by Joanna Kempner so that was a total of $255 and we also spent money on the raffle and won the shroom christmas ornaments by Martha Stewart Living lol looks like ol' Martha learned about some new marketing techniques in jail! ;)

I also donated $100 worth of Amazon gift cards to the raffle, 4 of them at $25 dollars each and sent all the lucky winners their prizes electronically immediately during the conference. My hope is they will use Amazon Smile and donate to CB through that.

I'll post again later with all my new stuff we also got the "O2 Suck it" and I <3 O2 t-shirts there from chris. It was a great time and I heard lots of auction items went for $400 or more like the signed guitars and the custom quilts. Hoping there's more CH related artwork next year as I love my mosaic!

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