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Hi everyone

I want to try mushrooms soon, and I still have the issue of medicines.

I take lithium and VERAPAMIL. its help me but I still have 1-2 attacks a week.

My question - I realized that's not good to take the medication along with the mushrooms (unfortunately - otherwise I would not stop them), then what is the minimum time to stop with the medicines before the mushrooms?

Thank you!!!! :)

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There are quite a few people here who have had success with mushrooms while still taking verapamil.  How much are you taking? If it's a lot, you might have better success with busting if you can cut back.

Lithium you have to withdraw from gradually, and you should do that with a doctor's supervision. 

No one really knows the minimum time to be off medicines before taking mushrooms.  Some have tried and been successful after four days.  I don't think anyone would recommend less than four days.  Most would say that it's much better to wait the standard five days.

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