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Occipital Nerve Block - Injection


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Hey all. I have been a CH sufferer for decades now and have read quite a bit (if not all) of the posts viewable by "guests" over the years. I decided, during this cluster, it was time to join the group. So, for my first post, here is my question:

Has anyone had any success with Occipital Nerve Blocks? Specifically, the cocktail that they inject.

4 years ago, I had an attack that lasted over 8 months, and NOTHING worked. finally, I went to see a headache and pain specialist and was given the block. Strangely enough, it aborted the cluster period completely.

This time, not so much. I had the block and got relief for a couple of days, but now the beast is back.

So the theory he presented is this:

The first time the block was administered, the occipital nerve was irritated from the original cluster period, and was serving as the main trigger of the CH. So, you block the nerve, you stop the CH.

This time, my cluster period is not "complete" (only in week 4). therefore, even though the nerve is (to use my terminology) all jacked up, it is not the main trigger.

Any ideas or input??

Thanks all,


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Below is a most recent quote from Hollywood Dan :D Hipshot on the subject - I think it's highly pertinent, and if I was considering a nerve block I know I'd be looking into the facet thing:

"Occipital Facet Blocks DO work for me 100%.

Months of relief.

This is NOT a run of the mill occipital nerve block.

I am sedated, strapped down and the shot is done under fleuroscopy. It is actually in the lower part of the neck.

I highly recommend it. I can't explain it any other way, IT WORKS FOR ME"

It came from this thread:


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I have had 3 Occipital Nerve Blocks and 3 more under Fluoroscopy via the method Bejeeber here mentions. I had no success with it relieving my chronic daily migraines (7-10 a day) and it didn't help with the episodic clusters I had at the time.

I am now chronic and considering the SPG block, SPG implants, and Vagus Nerve stimulation.

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I had an ONB a couple of years ago. It wasn't overwhelmingly successful, but it managed to get me one pf day (which was quite an achievement for me, as I was suffering really bad attacks on a daily basis back then). It's probably always worth giving it a try. If it works then that's good, if it doesn't you have tried at least. As any other treatment, the extend to which is works (i.e. giving you a long period of painfreedom or a rather short one) varies from person to person.

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