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Banana peels for clusters !

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Well I was just joking around in Facebook when someone (I think it was b.g.) referred to the importance of learning about your treatments before actually doing them as "do you eat a banana without peeling it first"... then I asked from Dr. Google.

Hmm. Dr. Google says banana peels have a LOT of good B vitamins plus magnesium for us clusterheads, but then again, rich in serotonin sounds like trouble. C'mon, do I really have to get me a blender and test this mother out  8-)



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ok Tony...I am going to try this with you....because you are right that the skins of fruits and veggies have more vitamins and benefits and the pulp.  I think I am going to cook the skins however, and incorporate them into my families diet that way.  Because banana skins are...in a word...YUCK.lol Thanks for the info. I love reading your posts, you have so much information on natural health. Love it! PFD to you! HUGS!

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Banana peel flour (BPF) prepared from green or ripe Cavendish and Dream banana fruits were assessed for their total starch (TS), digestible starch (DS), resistant starch (RS), total dietary fibre (TDF), soluble dietary fibre (SDF) and insoluble dietary fibre (IDF). Principal component analysis (PCA) identified that only 1 component was responsible for 93.74% of the total variance in the starch and dietary fibre components that differentiated ripe and green banana flours. Cluster analysis (CA) applied to similar data obtained two statistically significant clusters (green and ripe bananas) to indicate difference in behaviours according to the stages of ripeness based on starch and dietary fibre components. We concluded that the starch and dietary fibre components could be used to discriminate between flours prepared from peels obtained from fruits of different ripeness. The results were also suggestive of the potential of green and ripe BPF as functional ingredients in food.

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