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Patient Registry

As announced at our conference in September, we have several clinical studies in the works. Some of which will most likely be asking for study participants within the next 9 to 18 months.

These studies involve genetics, psilocybin, BOL and a couple others including one involving the psychological burden of cluster headaches.

Anyone wishing to participate in these studies must be registered in our Patient Registry.

Some of these clinical trials will have study sites outside the United States as well as within the US.

This is an international registry and we are looking for people from every country to sign up. A couple of these studies in particular will be looking specifically for people living in the UK, Germany and Canada. Please share this information with anyone you may know residing in these countries.

Please share so everyone, no matter where they live, has an opportunity to participate in these studies and play an active role in finding better treatments for cluster heaaches.

To register, please go to this link:




Bob Wold




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Thank you, Bob, for all you have done to bring about the exciting prospect of these studies and where they might lead.  And thanks also to all those who have been beside you in these efforts for so long.

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