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Army O2

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"Army docs have treated cluster headaches with oxygen for years"

The U.S. Army's YouTube Channel hosts video and newscasts from the U.S. Army around the world

Col. Paul Little, M.D., investigates new findings that point toward high-pressure oxygen as a relief for those suffering cluster headaches.

Oxygen for headaches

soldiersmediacenter  28 January 2010


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wish my doctor could see that. He told me "o2 does no good for cluster headaches"   what an uneducated prick

Hello Skull,

Unfortunately this is not uncommon.

I have read many posts over the years where GP's are unwilling to prescribe 02.

There is however quite a lot of info now available to CH sufferers on the use of 02 to treat CH. Much of which can be printed off for you to take along to your Doctor, & show him the hard facts.

Kinda makes it hard for the nerd to refuse once the evidence is staring him in the face.


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