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Yep .. another question

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You are definitely an anomaly, and I love you for it. :)  Your drive to get to the root of CH, leaving no stone unturned, is commendable.

One thing that I haven't seen you explore though is the genetic angle, maybe because it doesn't seem to apply with your son. 

But I am not in the same boat.  I have two brothers that have been diagnosed ECH.  To me, that is a little too coincidental to ignore.  CB is working on (and close to) doing a genetic study using DNA.  I eagerly await the results from this study.


i dont have any siblings or family members with CH but

my mum died of a brain hemorrhage

12 years later on the same day my big big sister had one and survived

5 years further on and the same sister had another one killing her this time remarkably and slightly disturbing on the very same date.

14 years further along and my big sister had a brain hemorrhage she has survived but is in a pickle.

(the USA insurance co that she had been paying religiously into each month for 2 decades washed there hands of her the minuite they could and years before they should of)   

i suppose im lucky i have clusters ;)

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HI Bob .. what is ECH ?   Yes I do believe its genetic,, my husband suffers from SUNCT syndrome .. his grandfather Migraines.

I want to add that on Saturday night around 1:30 am I came home late and my son was in the shower ,, when he came out I asked if he was having a CH ,, he said no  ,, It was different ,, it went around the back of his head ,, he thought migraine ?? or just very bad headache ..

low and behold we had a ginormous pressure drop and very strong Santa Ana Winds yesterday that continue today.  There is definitely a barometric pressure connection with my son. 

CHF -  sorry that was a mis-type that was supposed to read hypothalamus not trigimenal.  my bad.  The hypothalamus activity is just a reflection of the pain signal traveling to the brain. 

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What if -

Something causes vasodilation putting pressure on "a nerve" squeezing it and causing pain.  The pain signal is then transferred to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus registers the pain and in an effort to stop the pain sends out signals to the blood vessels to constrict.  What if  it is actually the hypothalamus that stops the CH, not starts it.  a backwards theory to be sure.  Perhaps seeds and shrooms put the "vaso constrict button" in the hypothalamus into a permanent ON position. Maybe they stop the blood vessels from ever dialating in the first place in response to X.  X being what ever CH's individual triggers are. 


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just found this old article


"The running hypothesis is that ergotamines contained in magic mushrooms cause a vasoconstriction or shrinking of the blood vessels in the brain, counteracting the nerve pinching effect of cluster headache. Ergotamines were originally found in fungus in the 16th century and are a precursor to LSD. However, little is known about why the ingestion of these drugs may stop a cluster period long term"

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its old article posting day


The function of these areas, the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) and the posterior cingulate cortex (PCC), is the subject of debate among neuroscientists, but the PCC is proposed to have a role in consciousness and self-identity. The mPFC is known to be hyperactive in depression, so psilocybinÂ’s action on this area could be responsible for some antidepressant effects that have been reported. Similarly, psilocybin reduced blood flow in the hypothalamus, where blood flow is increased during cluster headaches, perhaps explaining why some sufferers have said symptoms improved under psilocybin.

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Good hit dig... decreased mindflow (I know, a new term born from the neuro-placticity idea)... stems the flood... the overload. Is this really an overload... or perhaps we are unable to network the required data... as in, are we unable to process normal amounts? Food for thought.

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