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MM is working wonders


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Just wanted to report my mental health state. I have been cycle free for a year and 3 months, however right around the fall solstice I started getting shadows and have had to medicate with MM as soon as i see a pattern in the shadows. They go away.Everyday I think about you guys and am still very grateful for all your help. I am still very nervous of the winter solstice. Winter clusters are the most depressing.

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A year and 3?  NICE.  [smiley=thumbup.gif]

We're all pullin' for ya to see a winter solstice come and go PF too. Shouldn't there be a law or something that all CH'ers will be provided with expense free stays in the Caribbean or Hawaii during the months surrounding the winter solstice?  ;D Oh screw that, the law should actually provide YEAR ROUND lodgings.  :D

You bums in San Diego and Florida can ignore the above paragraph because you'll just be thinking "what's the big deal"?  :D

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