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what do you do when you're struck down at work??


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...Lady members. Fewer of us are willing to listen to some diploma claim migraine because we are female....

I've been concerned for a long time now about how many females I've seen report difficulty getting a CH diagnosis simply because they are female, revealing the old guard medical establishment's claim that female CH patients are rare to be a self fulfilling prophesy, rife with MBOBS. (Misdiagnosis based on BS).

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This happened to me a lot of times. Depending on the situation, but my best bet was to chug down a redbull and ride my bike home for oxygen relief. Lots of times the redbull or the bike ride alone stopped the attack.

It helps if you have an understanding supervisor and live close to home. Otherwise Imitrex injections.

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T. E. I just found an organisation called neurosupport


through a uk site called ouch uk


i had to pay for membership to ouch but i dont talk about busting with them...

but they can liase with the neuros at qmc

they might be able to help speed up the respiratory service up though..

and get you some air liquide deliveries,

the air liquide usually drop me off 3 portables and 2 large cylinders of O2

the portables run out but are at least a half god-send when it's critical and are much easier with transport.

i hope this helps and good luck!

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On 11/19/2014 at 10:21 PM, elpo said:

Wow - this has happened to me many times. Unfortunately the neurologists in Halifax NS (where I live) have no idea what to do with clusterheads and tend to treat me like I have migraines...ie. 3 tylenol, 2 ibuprofen and lots of water, or morphine, indomethacin, etc. I've never been offered oxygen. Tryptans take too long to work so they haven't really helped me at work.

Since I work in an office, I've scouted-out a few hiding places around the building. These places are safe for me in that I know no one will bother me, there aren't a lot of distracting noises, and they are cool in temperature. One hiding spot has a wall clock and the ticking soothes me while i rock. After an hour, I'm pretty much through the worst part, sometimes less, and then I head back to my desk. When returning, it's pretty clear that I've had an attack and my boss is kind and doesn't question me.

On a side note, I work very hard when I'm feeling well in order to stay ahead of schedule and show my bosses that I will get everything done. This means staying late too. When I'm in the worst of a cycle and the hits are coming 3 - 4 times a day, I must call in sick. Given this, I also hoard sick days knowing I'll need them desperately when the time comes.

@elpoHi, any idea how to get immediate oxygen therapy in Halifax. My wife started having cluster headaches last week and everytime, she has to visit emergency at QEII at Robie Street to get oxygen. Could you help me and how do you manage this in Halifax ?

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.....take up welding "hobby"...many do! i worked 31 yrs in a production facility with an O2 tank in my office, and one in the car. an energy drink on the way to the tank and only gone for as long as a typical "break". depending on the job of course, you  maybe could even drag a tank around with you....mine became nearly unnoticed. might have to discuss with HR re "reasonable accommodation"...dunno how that works in CA....


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What Jon said. Lots of CH'ers (in the US anyway) get their O2 tanks at a welding rentals place.

This may be the time to ask if she's tried the energy drink or energy shot at the very first sign of an attack? These will actually abort attacks sometimes for some CH'ers.

Now if it was me being struck down at work, I'd slip out and take 3 puffs from a DMT vape, which will cause a very short lived (like just a few minutes) psychedelic experience, and will kill an attack dead cold immediately. Granted DMT can be harder to come by than O2 though for a whole lot of us.

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