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RC seeds and ulcer/gastritis


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Hi all,

it's been a while I haven't written any posts. I have a question and I wonder if any of you would be able to assist me.

I started taking RC seeds in 2010 with incredible results: I was a chronic indeed and since then my clusters stopped completely, with only one month's cluster (very low in pain intensity) in 2012. So, in 4 years, (almost 5 I'd say) almost no clusters any more. I am used to take 20/30 seeds every 3/4 months or when I have an intensified period of shadows. But, unfortunately CH is not my only problem; I also suffer with my stomach, as in 2010 (few months before starting with seeds) I have got an ulcer, thanks to steroids my doctor prescribed me against CH. Back in August of this year, I started to have some stomach discomfort and I decided to have an endoscopy; the specialist did also 4/5 biopsies (and caused me also an aspiration pneumonia, but this is not related to the problem I want to discuss). Since then (more than two months), I am experiencing, almost every day, like an excess of acid in my stomach, especially in the evenings and related to position (basically when sit or lay down). It feels like small acid explosions; on internet I found out this may be related to the biopsies and will take a while to go away.

Now my point on which I ask for your suggestions: I am starting now to have many shadows during the day and it is more than 4 months I don't get my seeds, so I would like to take 20/40 of them. Do you think with the stomach problems I am having, it would be better to avoid them at this stage? Both the endoscopy and the biopsy didn't find anything in my stomach, except a chronic gastritis I am treating with Esomeprazole since 2010. What do you think? Thank you all


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That sucks about your stomach. The only input here is that I also have chronic inflammation of stomach and esophagus along with Gerds.  I have had ulcers twice now too.  >:( I take Prilosec twice a day and have for years.

I don't think that this treatment would negatively affect except I don't know about the biopsy issues! Hopefully someone else can chime in with more info.

Do you have Gaviscon over there? It really helps with acid reflux pain.

all the Best!

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Thank you Spiny.

Yes, I actually suffer with both gastritis and acid reflux, though there are periods I am definitely better. Problems started soon after this last endoscopy as I never experienced so prolonged evenings acidity. I am used to take Gaviscon twice a day; it helps but not with these kind of "acid explosions" in my stomach. They are not painful, but also they are unpleasant. For the acid reflux, I find beneficial eating a 0% fat yoghurt at sleep time. My concern is that I wouldn't want RC can someway affect this burning in my stomach, after the biopsy. Thank you so much for your feedback  :)

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Not saying it will have a major impact on your ability to use seeds or your addition GI issues, but I have always found famotidine to be the best sidekick to some of the meds we take that can cause reflux and other problems. It's a histamine receptor agonist, and helps the stomach limit acid production. Plus, it's dirt cheap!

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