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First time posting and success with ausanil


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I am a 34 year old male and I had my first CH attack in when I was 27. After 6 months of guessing everything I could I finally got diagnosed properly. Recently I had a outbreak that for about 40 days was my personal worst one and I tried a long laundry list of medications as abortive and preventatives with no success. Luckily I have an amazing girlfriend who spent hours learning about CH and researching on my behalf. She stumbled across the homeopathic ausanil and I reluctantly ordered it. I have always been very skeptical of homeopathic meds with the thinking my neurologist would know what works  and what treatments were around.

Long story short when I felt my next attack coming on I used ausanil. I will say that if I had never had a cluster headache the ausanil  would be one of the most painful things I have tried. That said the CH never fully came on so it did stop my attack better than any other abortive I tried and it did not make me throw up like the others did. I used ausanil the next day when I felt another attack coming on and I have not had a single Cluster Headache since. It has been about 45 days since my last headache so I am feeling pretty good that I am in a remission period.

I just wanted to share my experience and that for myself I did find something that worked better then anything ever had over YEARS of treatment. It may be the placebo affect, dumb luck I do not really know but ausanil broke my cycle and has really helped me.



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Glad this worked so well for you, and thanks for sharing.  They're very secretive about the magic ingredients at the Ausanil website, but it's basically something that is very familiar to many people with CH -- it's a capsaicin spray (apparently with some ginger added).

It's quite unlikely that this prevented any attacks. It just temporarily desensitizes the trigeminal nerve.  But who knows -- maybe it did have some kind of special effect for you.

Not sure what medications you have tried, but if you don't have oxygen, I think you'll be a whole lot happier in the long run using that to abort.  (See the "Oxygen Page" under the black and white MENU tab on the left side of the page.)

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Hi ssibjb, welcome to the board.

I would like to be excited about the news... but I have experienced similar results with many medications over the last 40 years... only to find out in later cycles that my cycle had just ended normally, and the treatment doesn't really work. I do hope this is not the case for you.

thinking my neurologist would know what works  and what treatments were around.

Ooops! That might be your first mistake. Unless your neuro is a headache specialist, he most likely knows next to nothing. Let us give a test... has he ever advised you to use 100% high flow oxygen to abort headaches?

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Hi ssi,

Glad to hear your cycle is history, and I'm in agreement with the comments of CHf and DiamondM.

For prevention of CH, this internationally airing National Geographic segment, featuring our friend Dan/Hipshot, gives insight into one treatment discussed here a lot ("busting"), which a large and constantly growing number of CH'ers have been successfully adopting:


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Hi, and welcome.

At the ClusterBusters conference in September Ausinal was there and gave us all each a free sample. I myself have chronic CH and chronic migraines and tensions. My son has chronic migraines and tensions...not CH.

I brought it home and went to out DR and asked first if it was safe for my son since he is 15. She said yes.

My son was reluctant to try it because of the burning in the nose. Shortly after we found out and thanks to a fellow CHr John BeeBee that his migraines abort 100% by 100% pure oxygen at 15 LPM.

My self I tried the Ausinal during a brutal migraine on a nice day out in the garage.

It was one of the worst feelings ever. Felt like my nose was on fire. It subsided(not aborted my migraine). And shortly it came back. Its ok. I am not faulting the medicine nor bashing it. Only describing the one experience I had with it. What works well for me is Tylenol extra strength for Migraine pills with a coke. it helps most effectively with a dark quiet bedroom.

Everyone's experience with treating CH, migraines or tensions is different. Not everyone has same reaction.

The treatment rate for Busting with CH is very high but some it doesnt work...for me...its helping.

Since Aug 19. I have had only 4 Kip 5s. That is it.

I was chronic with attacks every 12 hours or less for 9+ years. Averaging 3-8 attacks per day.

I have never faulted anyone for trying to get relief.

I am really happy for you that it broke your cycle and brings me joy to hear another person is pain free. If its Busting, Brain Surgery, squeezing  a stuffed animal, whatever works...high 5 and happy for ya

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Hey ssibjp,

Totally agree with CHS ..... if it works, put it in your arsenal and rejoice.  Odds are whatever aborts the headache now will not be as effective sometime in the future.  It helps to have back-ups and keep them handy.

I've also tried the Ausanil and regrettably didn't have the same luck.  Sure it burned (I was ready for that, I'm a chili head) but there was no effect on the CH.  I'm a 6 year Chronic who gets relief with traditional (HA! ..... thinking MM is traditional) busting and use of high-flow O2 to abort the small stuff.

I also got the Ausanil sample at Septembers Conference and tried at first notice of CH coming on, and twice after K5-6 had been reached.  Reminded me of the time I ate a whole Bhut Jolokia to battle the Beast.  Thinking fire vs. Fire ...... Whoa ...... it was pain added to more pain.  Kinda like stubbing your toe, then bashing a finger to divert/confuse the nerves.  Felt kinda moronic for trying that one.

Honestly, I was really hoping for results.  At least the use of a familiar acting product to get some comfort would have been nice.  Oh well, not the first thing tried that didn't have beneficial results. 

Hang on to the Ausanil, it may be your Holy Grail for relief.  I'll send you mine too.

Hope the pain-free days continue forever .......

weatherman  8-)

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