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Could someone define 'vivid dreams' for me?

Do you simply mean that you remember your dreams?

Or that the dreams are more 'vivid' in action/colour/content than normal dreams?

(If so, define a normal dream?)

Or were they of an intensity that they either woke you up or stuck with you the following day?

I have a pretty good dream recall, but as I said before, it is a skill I cultivated.

Last night I had a dream that I had a severe cluster attack while in a store, and while laying on the floor in agony, someone draped a blanket over me so I wouldn't get cold, but generally people just went on with their shopping. I'm 99% sure I actually had a cluster attack in my sleep that permeated my dream, but wasn't painful enough to wake me up.

Would that class as a vivid dream?

I've died in dreams, and then re-drempt that part of the dream over an over again, trying to avoid death each time. Kind of an 'Edge of Tomorrow' scenario a few years before the movie came out.

I can also have 2 dreams at once, running in parallel as each side of my brain tends to think separately. I've been able to flit from one running dream to the other running dream, and back again. Or watch them both from a distance like having 2 TVs playing different shows. I've even had 2 lucid dreams running in parallel on occasion.

Once, and this was really odd even for me, I woke up in the morning and started to sit up in bed, but one part of my brain was still dreaming and didn't want to wake up.

For a diagnostic or demographic criteria of 'vivid dream', you guys are being shockingly vague. (she says in a joking manor).


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I would define  a 'vivid' dream for me as in colour, it is life-like, can be happy, sad or scary!!  I definitely remember them in detail, they don't fade on waking...

I  might dream of my Grandma talking to me or as I say 'visiting me'.  Only a couple of nights ago, I had a dream in a dream.. I was dreaming, but I knew at a certain point that I was dreaming because I thought I'd woken up with this dark 'thing' pinning me down in bed, I was trying to call my husband but the sound was only coming out as a squeak.  I thought this was really happening, that I was awake now...Then my voice came out and I managed to scream, at this point I actually woke myself, my husband and the dog up!!  The weird thing is, I still felt like I was being pinned down for a good few minutes!!

Now going back to the question of vivid dream preceding an attack...I had a humdinger at work again today following a couple of very short lived, not too painful episodes last night ...Still shadowing...

Also had a nasty episode following my injection where I felt like my entire brain was actually on fire...anyone else had that? But I guess that's for a new thread...

Best wishes guys x

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A friend Googled vivid dreams, and it came back with a lot of answers, but the one that makes sense in this context is 'so real you think it was real after waking'. So, not just sticks with you, but has you asking if it happened or if it was a dream.

Does this sit closer to the mark?

Spiny - I always dream in colour. Always have.

Toni - There is this thing - forget what it's called - but it turns off your muscles so you can act out your dream while dreaming. Doesn't work for some people, hence sleep walking or thrashing about. Most of the time it works for most people, but sometimes it doesn't switch off after one wakes. This is called Sleep Paralysis - quite normal, quite shocking. Although, you probably knew all this.


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I guess how I view vivid dreams (for me).  Is they are completely real.  In color, with all senses engaged.  I don't just see what's going on, but I hear, smell, taste, and feel both physically and emotionally what's happening in the dream.

On several occasions after waking from a vivid dream.  I have a hard time sorting out what's real or not real in my memory.  For someone that's never had a vivid dream, I'm sure that's hard to understand. 

As an example;  A few years ago I had a dream that my grandmother just passed away.  I met with family, talked about how much we loved and would miss her.  I went to her funeral and just after the funeral was finishing, I woke up.  I had tears streaming from my eyes and had every emotion of having just been at my grandmothers funeral.  The memory was just as real as I'm sitting here typing.  I had a hard time emotionally that morning sorting out what was real or not real from my memory, because my grandmother had just passed and emotionally it was real.

My grandmother had actually passed about 6 years earlier.  I now have 2 distinct memories of her passing and funeral.  Both are real and if I try to navigate my memory each one comes in to my perception / memory.  Both memories are inseparable.  It's like they're saved in the exact same spot in my brain.  One can't be removed or discounted, because to my brain both are real.

Most of my vivid dreams are about disasters.  I have memories of 2 airplane crashes, and 2+ large boats sinking.  Most of the time I'm an observer, but when I'm actually 'in' the incident, my memory stops at the point I die in the dream.  If I'm an observer, I usually try to help.  Feeling the sting of getting burned pulling someone to safety from a burning fuselage, etc.

Since starting my MM dosing every other month the vivid dreams have completely stopped.  (no CH either :)  They only come approx 1 week before my CH comes back and stop within a few days of the CH starting.


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My personal definition would be... so real it is disturbing. No dreamy stuff, but emotionally, psychologically and physically very real and usually very engaging... not always unpleasant, but usually involves some sort of an emotional roller coaster... for me anyways.

On several occasions after waking from a vivid dream.  I have a hard time sorting out what's real or not real in my memory.

Exactly ::)

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