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Bunk shroomies?


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Second dose of the day was strong. I fell into a dark trip actually feeling frustration. Got hit at 1:30 am and again at 7 am. The 7 am lasted about 15 minutes without oxygen. I did chug half a Monster drink. Ill take that as improvement. The kip levels were a bit lower also. I started on the D3 regimen and started taking melatonin again.

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Yeah dark trips can and do happen alright. :(.

BUT the lower kip improvement sounds encouraging, no? If you can get some lasting therapeutic benefits CH-wise, I bet the unpleasant memories of that tripping experience will fade and this will be looked back on as an overall positive.

I haven't personally done so great at getting myself squared away with set and setting, which is considered so important for trip experience, but I hope you may be able to change things up there if you bust again Sergi.

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