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Cortical spreading depression

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Talking to my pal with the miracle anti-depressant med yesterday (I've mentioned him before), he was saying that the drug has been shown to treat what is known as "cortical spreading depression," which is believed by some to be the cause of migraines. (http://www.dana.org/Publications/Brainwork/Details.aspx?id=43724)  Although a migraine/cluster connection might or might not apply here (since this seems to maybe be partly related to auras), he said he's hopeful that it might eventually treat CH as well as migraines.  "Eventually" is a long way away, but it's another avenue that's being explored.

(More about the anti-depressant within this piece, if you're interested: http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/January-2015/Medical-Wonders/

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I certainly like their approach to treating depression. I know for me the SSRI's and all the many other drugs do nothing for me... but, I know from using ketamine, the NMDA receptor antagonist approach will work. Hope it comes soon, I think it will be big if they get it right.

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A great piece to read, thanks.

The day they put something effective out there can't come soon enough.

I knew that there is a risk of clots/stroke with migraine suffers, my doc won't allow me to have the contraceptive pill for this reason, so it was interesting to read/confirm that they think migraines may cause small clots to form...

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