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What a Beautiful Plant


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Sheesh, it's medicinal, beautifully ornamental, and it sounds like it could help honey bees who have been in crisis with their colonies collapsing. It is imbued with triple goodness!

Here's hoping a metric ton or two of seeds come blurting out of those thousands of blooms.  ;D

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Spiny, :)

They seem to be growing quite well despite my repeated attempts to kill them through neglect...

On the HBWR pods:  They each hold from 1 to 4 seeds.  Depending on what was fertilized when the flowers were open.  Last year was the first year I planted them and only had 9 seed pods on all the HBWR plants.  Out of 9 pods I collected 21 seeds.  So they averaged a little over 2 seeds per pod.  I noticed most of the pods didn't get fertilized this year and just fell off.  (some made it though!)

I'm unsure what I'll do with the seeds if they start coming in, in bulk :)  I was thinking about sending them free to anyone that wanted a few to plant  :D  Sadly from what I've read they don't do very well up north.  Interesting that the RC waited till nearly January to start blooming?


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