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Melatonin- How do people use it?


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from what i understand you need to take it on a steady basis (approx 2 weeks to get it intended effects)

and at the same time to get your body in a cycle..... sleep cycle not the other one ;)

personally i have been taking it for about 10 days

first 6 days i took 3 mg

recently increased to 6 mg

i sleep like a dead animal all thru the night, have some crazy freaking dreams and usually wake up right at sunrise charged up and ready to go

no stomach aches, no side effects

not really sure if its helping my headaches, i have been logging my headaches since i started detox for my rc seeds, no v mil no imitrex, and in the past few days my ch's have started at kip6-7 for first 2 days, next day maybe a kip 4, and today i have just been fighting shadows and twinges with o2 and energy drinks so the intensity has become less

some have said melatonin may interfere with lsa/lsd/psilo treatments but i think other wise since your body makes its own

some have also reported that us (ch sufferers) lack melatonin in our systems and takin as a suppplement may aid in our intensity and frequency of attacks

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Made my CH worse as well.

Just think of level 10 CH in a dense fog on the side of a cliff. Could have been worse I suppose.

Others swear by it to avoid night hits. Helps them to sleep through the night. Helps in 50% of cases..

Studies have shown a drop in plasma melatonin indicators during cycles in ECH and some CCH.




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Thank you all :)

I tried a while ago. I think i never had much natural in my body, because i have never ever felt as crap as that. And for three days it hang in there. But it seemed as many here used it, i could give it a try again.

But i have reacted on doses i see people describe. I had a 3 mg, that wasn\t possible. I think i would never wake up, and felt lobotomized for 3 days. When taking half of that, it was the same. Half of that again was nearer acceptable. Ended up with a couple of corns, seriously, that worked like heavy sleeping pills.

Is it showned affect just after a certain dose f ex?

Appreciate all the answers :)

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I think it's the same old thing, we are all different.

The stuff actually kept me awake. And made me nervous.

I tried it once, gave up after a couple weeks. Then I tried it again. Same result.    Leslie

ps I have never found an antidepressant that I could tolerate. I think it's just bad wiring in my head. I think it is all related, the clusters and the strange symptoms that some of us experience. :-/

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This from The Lancet:

Cluster headache and melatonin

"The causes of cluster headache are still unknown; the temporal pattern of the cluster periods suggest the involvement of central structures in particular the hypothalamus, which regulates circadian rhythms. The pineal gland through melatonin secretion plays a central part in the circadian organisation of biological rhythms. Evidence obtained in animals suggests that the pineal gland and melatonin may be related to the regulation of core body temperature. Dependent on the species considered, melatonin has a part in the generation of seasonal rhythms of daily torpor and hibernation, in heat stress tolerance, and in setting the core body temperature set point. In human beings, the circadian rhythm of melatonin is closely associated with that of core body temperature, the nocturnal decline of this temperature being inversely related to the rise of melatonin.2

Chazot and colleagues3 reported lower melatonin concentrations in cluster-headache patients than in controls. Waldenlind and colleagues4 also show lower concentrations in the cluster period than remission.

Increased body heat might precipitate cluster-headache attacks by alteration of melatonin concentrations, leading to hypothalamic dysregulation and chronobiological dysfunction. These findings also support a therapeutic option of melatonin in the prophylaxis of cluster headache5."



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And then I found this Cephalgia article by Dr. Rozen:

Melatonin: Case Studies Indicate Hormone May Relieve Cluster Headaches

"Two case studies suggest that melatonin may have an ability to provide relief from cluster headaches.

"Physicians at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia report administering melatonin to two patients with long-standing chronic cluster headaches. The patients pain disappeared after melatonin treatment, the physicians reported in the journal Cephalalgia.

"For both patients, the scenario was the same: they experienced daily headaches and nightly headaches within 40 minutes to an hour after falling asleep.

"The first patient was a 38-year-old male who had been experiencing approximately six headaches per day for at least 10 months a year for the past 20 years. Fourteen days was the longest remission he had experienced. The authors treated the man with 9 mg of melatonin daily at bed time in conjunction with his usual anti-headache medication. Two days later the headaches disappeared and remained gone for the 6 months follow-up.

"The second patient, 40 years old, had suffered from excruciating headaches 3 times a day for 8 years. Two weeks was the longest hed gone without experiencing a headache, even on his medication. The subject began taking 9 mg daily of melatonin, along with his pharmaceutical headache medication. For the eight months of follow-up, he remained headache free.

"Although these patients reported upon in Cephalalgia also took pharmaceutical agents in addition to melatonin, study author Dr. Rozen has had success treating headache patients with melatonin alone. Hes also successfully used melatonin to treat other types of headaches, including migraines."


Peres MFP, Rozen TD. Cephalgia. 2001;21:993-995.


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I have felt both sides of melatonin.  I have had cycles were it helped with nightime hits and cycles were I feel it made it worse.  Either way, it always made getting to sleep a lot easier.  Even after waking with hits.

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