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So my son's Jan/Feb cluster period is here now

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hey MG .. thanks for the reply.  I had thoughts on that level.  Right now there is a nasty Compost/Manure fire in our area mucking the air up.  I am definatly going to make note of when I smell the other smell and weather or not this affects him. then try to nail down what the chemical is be it nature or the city gardeners doing their quarterly insecticide spraying.   I did find some interesting articles along this path which contain all kinds of medical jargon. Also  causes of CH's in other people that are unreladed to chemicals but have other issues. I am planning on sifting through all that and posting what I find in some form of English that the commoner (me) can read and understand. Maybe some here, once I get it together,  can take it to their doctors and ask to be checked for these conditions. 

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ok so no headaches for him now since Jan 26th , but bad hay fever sneezing ,, and normal bad allergy headaches. 

I really am beginning to think its environmental.


Feb 8th

Feb 15th


Jan 27th

Jan 30th


Jan 2nd shadows off and on for the time we were in the mountains he also complained of wisdom teeth pain.


Jan 18th

Jan 22nd

Jan 26th

the above are just for jan/feb period

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