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We have some exciting stuff going on this year and I want to be able to expand our reach as far and wide as possible.

Our patient registry is going to be very important to our work and cluster research in general going forward.

The registry can not be changed in any way and all data must be collected into this one registry. One problem is for people that don't speak English being able to not only find but to understand and complete the registry.

We have a German translation that will be available to help our German family members to complete the registry.

If there is anyone here that can help us add more translations it would be greatly appreciated.

I know we have some French, Dutch, Finnish and many other members from around the world. Help us spread this important registry to your fellow countrymen and women.

if you can help, please post here that you will help out as well as sending me a PM so we can work together on this.

The registry is located at: http://tinyurl.com/n9ou73a

Thanks very much for your help. A translation will help add to the worldwide face of clusters and gather important epidemiological information and just may save someone's life down the road.


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Google Translate does an adequate job of translating into most languages.  It certainly would be understandable, or at least would only require minor modifications (so no one has to sit there translating the whole thing).

We have had some people here who speak Spanish.  If no one volunteers, I could use my rudimentary Spanish skills along with Google Translate to create what I'm pretty sure would be a workable translation.

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