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CH on local news

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Fast forward to 13 min 30 sec...just get past commercials at beginning.


My local news ame to my home, interviewed me for an hour. My wife, son and put his car. Also they interviewed my neurologist. All had to be condensed to 2 min. I did discuss MM and 4 brain surgeries but have no control over edit process. I am just SOOOOO happy that "CH" got airtime. 2 min which is a ton in TV land.

The first link is best if you can sit through the 2 commercials and fast forward to 13 min 30 seconds. It shows my beautiful wife and son.and my dog "Buster"

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Proud o' ya, and thank you.  :)

Next time a producer will be involved who will leave stuff like O2 and busting in the report.  8-)

After having had the pleasure of lunching with you and the human members of your family at the CB conference, I'm glad to see the complete picture now by also getting a gander at your Poocher McDawgDoggy at the end of the segment.  :)

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The shear Irony of my dogs name "Buster", was that when we rescued him from our lawn left for dead over 2 years ago. I asked God, what should I name him? Buster he said.

At that point in my life I was a supporter of ClusterBusters but had not Busted. In fact I found him the day I came home from brain surgery.

I remember telling Dan(Hipshot) his name and he said I knew I loved you and only after I busted I saw the irony....lol

As for the TV segment. A few of us around the world have been on TV for CH. Dan,myself,A fellow from Australia and maybe some others. I am NOT sure how they did it but for me, it was a very long struggle, I tried for 2 years straight. My goal was CNN in 6 months. Whether they interviewed me or another CHr. didnt matter to me. Its never about me. Its about CH and airtime. Yes my news was local. Meh for some.

But it got airtime. I did this for US.Not me.

I did it in memory of those who lost their battle or to weak to speak or too afraid and I have had those contact me thanking me as they live in fear.

My moto: One more educated person on CH is one less survivor living in fear.

Please share this video with friends....


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