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No this is not the BIG news that we expect to release soon but it'll be the start of a string of interesting work that will be shared.

I have spoken with these gentlemen several times and they seem genuinely interested in developing something that could be beneficial to people with clusters. They are looking for about 10 people to take part in this. If you want more info before contacting them you can send me a message and I can share a little more than what can be posted publicly.

A North American health care company is developing a new (improved)treatment for Cluster Headaches.

The Company is currently doing market research and is requesting a 1 hour phone interview.

Your input will help in bringing new treatments to the market for Cluster Headache suffers.

If you are open to being interviewed please email ClusterHeadAcheResearch@yahoo.com and provide answers to the following questions. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted:

•      Do you live in North America – Y/N -  ___________

•      Are you available for 1 hour phone call – Y / N - __________

•      How do you treat your Cluster Headaches Today -____________

•      Please provide your email address - ___________________

•      Please provide your phone number - ________________________________

•      Do you work for a market research company, an advertising agency or a health care company – Y/N - ____________

•      Do you suffer from episodic or chronic cluster headaches -_____________


Jon and Glenn

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