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The Buster's Poem - needs your help


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Hi gang,

RazorPP had a nice idea. He asked if I could write a poem from the cluster buster group. The idea is that you provide the inspiration and I'll wrap words around it.

So please add to this post any words or phrases that encompass your experience with cluster headaches and/or busting.

They can be single words or phrases, ideas, feelings, thoughts, fears, experiences etc. I'll see if I can then bundle them together into a poem of sorts.

Once we have a number of replies, I'll start hammering away, and as more come in I'll expand the poem.

Might be a fun project.


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busters are just as important as the clusters

because there's a plus: *shares out the blue thrusters*

down with a drop or two of chocolate and honey

but means pharma companies wont make silly money

oh well theyre profit driven thus many feel poopy

so keep thine nasty poison pills from sending muckers loopy

we'll keep the good ones that we know to be fairly effective

so there'll still be use for your banks but we will be selective

but ones that make our headaches worse and really are deffective

causes universal force to sort and be corrective

good old mother nature, kind people here too

saved my head more than just once and helped me getting through

ok theres my contribution  : 3

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This is what I have so far. It doesn't rhyme yet, my first drafts never do. This is the concept of what I'm trying to write, and will eventually turn into poetry.

A Normal Day

ItÂ’s a normal day, just like any other

Yesterday, today and tomorrow - they are all the same

IÂ’m going about my business, as normal

Doing nothing special

ThatÂ’s when I feel it.

Like someone has sucked the life out of my eyeball

Just the one

Replacing the warm flowing blood with ice water

A chill of foreboding races through my body

My nose starts to run, but only in one nostril

My eye starts to tear up, but only the one eye

My heart begins to pound, I know what is coming

The sensation rapidly grows and spreads

Like an orchestra reaching its crescendo

The cold quickly turns to burning

A red hot nail is being driven into my eye through the temple

Then another

The nails are being twisted, pulled and pushed

My eye is swelling under the heat, being ripped from its socket

As the bone of my skull begins to crack open

One by one, the nerves of my face are plucked out

One hour passes, maybe two

I have no sense of time or place

There is only the screams echoing inside my head

I try and tell myself it isnÂ’t really happening

My eye, skull and face are still intact

Yet I know, if this destructive energy ever escaped my head

It would tear apart my home like a tornado

Eventually it stops as quickly as it came

I collapse onto my bed in exhaustion

I need water, I need food, I need to move

But I donÂ’t even have the energy to raise my arm

Then the tears come.

In great wave after wave they shake my body

And rattle my bones with convulsions

Terror absolute, anger and despair climb into my broken body

But eventually, even that fades to a whimper

I reach down deep

Deeper than I knew possible

And find the strength to move

I get a gulp of water and wash the tears away

And wonder when the next attack will come

It is, after all, a normal day, just like any other.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow - they are all the same

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